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In our childhood, there are multiple times we fall off a swing or a ride. Sometimes we get hurt and it is all the part of growing up. Yet, when GoMedii received a Bone fracture treatment in India request, it was not about a kid who fell off while playing, it was a 42-year-old man.


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Siddique from Uganda had faced a terrible accident that led to multiple bone fractures. The first level treatment was done but the country and his native did not have enough medical advancement in order to carry out the full treatment. Thus, with the help of our partner, he made sure he gets treated in India.


Bone Fracture Treatment In India


Want to know how he was recovered and how you can too get your treatment in India? Read along, you will get to know the basics of most of the procedures involved.


What are fractures?


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Do we call all broken bones to fracture? Well, you can say so. When defining a fracture it is, A fracture is a break in a bone. Fractures can range from a hairline crack in the bone to the bone being broken into two or more pieces that no longer line up correctly. Ouch! We know that hurts, but with us making sure of your treatment, we are sure you will be good.


Can you fracture a bone and not know it?


There are high chances that you might feel it is just a ligament sore and not care about the pain. However, yes, there can be chances that you have broken a bone or displaced it and you have no idea regarding it.


How to heal my bone fracture as fast as possible?


It really involves a treatment process that you must follow. What is it? It depends on what kind of fracture are we dealing with.


In case of surgery, it may be required to put certain types of broken bones back into place. Occasionally, internal fixation (metal rods or pins located inside the bone) or external fixation devices (metal rods or pins located outside of the body) are used to hold the bone fragments in place to allow alignment and healing.


There is another process called Traction. Traction is the application of a force to stretch certain parts of the body in a specific direction. Traction consists of pulleys, strings, weights, and a metal frame attached over or on the bed. The purpose of traction is to stretch the muscles and tendons around the broken bone to allow the bone ends to align and heal.


Have you seen in those funny movies, where people are hanged with strings on the hospital bed, Yes! That is what we are talking about.


However, Siddique had to go through the surgery, given the multiple fractures he had in his body.


What are the symptoms of a non-healing bone fracture?


Regular pain and you feeling numb sometimes in the area can be symptoms of an unhealed bone fracture. In case you see the swelling and still are confused, give us a call right away! Send your queries on Whatsapp or visit our website.


What causes bone fractures to itch?


It is mostly the plaster that is put on for healing purposes that cause the itching of the fracture. It is not the fracture that itches but the skin and the cast have the discomfort.


How much time does a broken bone take to heal?


It highly depends on your body, it can be a month or couple of months or even a week. It depends mainly on the intensity, the number, and which part of the body the fracture has happened.


What is it like to experience bone fracture?


We would not say it is fun. Imagine a pencil break, that would not hurt unless it was your favorite. Imagine that pencil was your bone, now can you feel it? We are Sorry.


Can a small bone fracture heal itself?


Most unlikely to happen. A displacement might heal with a slight mastery, but no not a broken bone. Even the one in your tiny finger or the tiny toe will not healthy on its own.


How long does it take to cure a fractured backbone?


Like we have mentioned above it, does take some time and meanwhile, you can drop your query at our website to know more about it.


Does broken bone ever truly ‘heal’ completely?


When you break a thread, you can only join it but with a knot. The “complete healing” is really how your body adapts to the surgery and the medical attention.


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Can a broken bone heal without a cast?


The cast is like the crib for a child. You can place a child on a floor but for how long? The bed has no safety so, you can keep them on it for long there as well. So, when it comes to casting, it holds the repair so that the healing process is faster.


How do broken bones swell?


Immediately at the time of fracture, the space between fracture ends is filled with blood-forming a hematoma.

Stops additional bleeding; provides structural and biochemical support for the influx of inflammatory cells, fibroblasts, chondroblasts, and the ingrowth of capillaries This process takes approximately a week, forming a primary callus which is non-mineralized and not readily visible on radiography


Should you go to an orthopedic for a fractured wrist?


You can visit an orthopedic, they do engage with the treatment of joints and bones and will be the right choice. You must visit our website to know about Orthopedics in India.


Is bruising always a result of a bone fracture?


No, you get bruised does not mean you have broken a bone. There can be other reasons too. However, we believe if someone did punch you hard on your nose or jaws, you might have a chance of a fracture.


Can I lift weights after breaking a bone?


Please make sure you have healed properly. Above all, you must speak to your doctor before you start lifting. We would not really suggest anything on this.


What are the precautionary measures of a fracture?


Have your diet properly, your calcium, and vitamins. Make sure you follow all the rules and instructions of the doctor and do not act as your own doctor in such cases. For rest, see for yourself with a consultation with our doctors.


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