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When it comes to men and their issues with sexual problems, you hardly find anyone openly talking about it. We have continuously encouraged our patients to be open about it. Here we are going to discuss Testicular Biopsy Cost In Delhi which is used to get the idea about any condition that might lead to any sexual problem.


It is no condition that we are talking about here, we are rather talking about a diagnostic method that helps you in addressing the issues that remain unknown otherwise.


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What is Testicular Biopsy?


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Testicular Biopsy is known to be a diagnostic method through which men can get to know what kind of problems do they face. A testicular biopsy takes a tissue sample from your testicle for laboratory analysis. The two testicles are the male reproductive organs. They produce sperm and the male sex hormone testosterone.


What is the Testicular Biopsy Cost In Delhi?




The cost of Testicular Biopsy in Delhi NCR starts at INR 30,000 and as per the need can have added tests which increases the price. Semen analysis looks at the quantity and quality of your sperm. The initial semen sample is usually obtained by masturbation. This includes the semen analysis and thus helps identify the following problems:


  • Abnormally low levels of sperm
  • Poor quality of sperm
  • Azoospermia (absence of sperm)


Blood and hormone tests often can identify the causes of low sperm levels. However, when these tests are not conclusive, you may need a testicular biopsy.


What are the uses of the Testicular Biopsy?


Testicular Biopsy Cost In Delhi is cheaper compared to other areas given the options of the lab and other facilities are not available. They can be used for the following:


  • Determine whether sperm production problems are caused by a blockage
  • Retrieve sperm for use in IVF. This is done if sperm are being made in the testicles but are not present in the semen.
  • Diagnose testicular cancer
  • Determine the cause of a lump in the testicles


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What Are The Various Types of Testicular Biopsy That Are Available?


Testicular Biopsy Cost In Delhi, Testicular Biopsy, uses of the Testicular Biopsy, types of Testicular Biopsy, Testicular Cancer


There are two major types of biopsy that are available. These are Open Biopsy and Percutaneous Biopsy: 


Open Biopsy: 


If you are having an open biopsy, the following procedure is typical:


  1. Your physician will make a small incision through the skin.
  2. A tiny, pea-sized amount of testicular tissue is removed.
  3. When the biopsy is taken, you will feel pressure or minor discomfort. You should not feel pain.
  4. Typically, one absorbable stitch closes the cut in the testicle. Another stitch closes your skin. Stitch removal is not necessary.
  5. The same technique is done on the second testicle.


Percutaneous Biopsy: 


The procedure for a percutaneous biopsy will depend on the type of needle used — a core needle or a fine needle.


  • In both cases, a needle is inserted through the skin of the testicle.
  • If you are having a core needle biopsy, you will hear a loud clicking or popping sound when the tissue sample is being extracted.
  • If you are having a fine needle biopsy, the tissue sample will be drawn out with a syringe.
  • The same technique is done on the second testicle.


Why You May Need A Testicular Biopsy? 


While you must know the Testicular Biopsy Cost In Delhi, you should know exactly what can be the major reason behind it. The possible result of the biopsy will be the presence or chances of testicular cancer. 


What is Testicular Cancer? 


Testicular cancer occurs in the testicles (testes), which are located inside the scrotum, a loose bag of skin underneath the penis. The testicles produce male sex hormones and sperm for reproduction.


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