Can You Really Use Abortion Pill For Unwanted Pregnancy? It’s Not That Simple As It Seems

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In today’s developed lifestyle everybody is concerned about their health, workplace, interpersonal relations and so on. Most of the people are concern about family planning, for this women are more concern than men. So today, under this topic we will talk about the abortion pill, also known as medication abortion.


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Knowing about the unwanted pregnancy, many questions arise in every woman’s mind as if it is safe to take an abortion pill at this time? Or do they need other options of abortion? If you are too troubled by thinking about the unwanted pregnancy, in this blog you will find answers to all the questions related to the abortion.


Everything About Abortion Pill: Usage Method, Advantages & Disadvantages





What is Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (MTP)?


MTP is a medical method of abortion in which the patient is given a medicine to terminate the pregnancy. You can not buy it without a doctor’s prescription directly from a medical store. There is also a law made by the Indian government regarding its usage under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. In this law, it has been reported that under what circumstances a woman can get an abortion.




Who Are Eligible For Getting a Medical Abortion?


Any woman can get Medical Termination Of Pregnancy under the following conditions;

  • If the life of a woman is at risk or she is undergoing deadly circumstances and her life can be saved with the help of this process.


  • If there is any danger to the mental or physical health in continuing pregnancy.


  • If there is any risk of physical or mental irregularities to the baby.


  • If the woman is pregnant due to rape or sexual harassment.


  • If the woman has become pregnant due to the failure of contraception.


  • If abortion is happening with the consent of the woman.



Everything About Abortion Pill: Usage Method, Advantages & Disadvantages





What is the Procedure of Abortion?


Usually, there are two methods that are used for abortion.


  • Medical abortion


  • Surgical Abortion


India has strict laws regarding abortion in which the abortion deadline has been set. According to this, medical abortion cannot be done without the consent of the woman within seven weeks of pregnancy. In this case, the woman can consume the medicines prescribed by the doctor after staying at home. After seven weeks it should be done under medical supervision and for this, the woman has to be admitted to the hospital at least for one day. This is because the woman may be at risk of having problems after abortion within seven weeks of pregnancy.




How Does the Abortion Pill Work?


Abortion pill or medication abortion should only be taken after the doctor’s advice. Let’s know how this medicine works.


  • Progesterone inhibits the formation of the hormone or its mechanism.


  • Myometrium is compressed.


  • Trophoblast prevents growing (trophoblast is the cells that nourish the embryo and develop the placenta).




What is the Correct Procedure of Using Abortion Pill?


Women have to take two different types of pills i.e. mifepristone and misoprostol. After 36-48 hours of taking the first pill, under the supervision of the doctor, the second shot is given to the patient.


The first pill prepares the uterus for abortion, the cervix supports the embryo growing in the womb, and this medicine softens the cervix. Apart from this it also prevents progesterone and breaks the uterine surface. On the other pole, the second medicine helps in shrinking of the uterus, that results in the uterine lining exit with the embryo.


Usually, the doctor recommends abortion pills in the early weeks of pregnancy, after which, only the surgical abortion is considered suitable for abortion. Although medical abortion is valid for 20 weeks of pregnancy, according to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.


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Everything About Abortion Pill: Usage Method, Advantages & Disadvantages





Are There Any Types of Side Effects of Abortion Pill?


Yes, there are many side effects of the abortion pill including;


  • Nausea



  • Diarrhea


  • Fatigue


  • Cold or without cold fever


  • Dizziness


  • Pelvic pain or cramps


  • Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are automatically cured after a few days of medical abortion. If these symptoms continue, contact your nearest doctor.




What are the Problems Associated with Medical Termination Of Pregnancy?


There are several problems that are associated with the MTP including;


1. Abortion Failure:


Sometimes abortion pills are not able to effect properly, due to which the pregnancy continues. However, in these situations, there is a high risk of pregnancy infections. Therefore, in this case, a woman should opt for a surgical abortion.



2. Allergy:


Some women may also be allergic to medicinal compounds present in these abortion pills because of which allergic reaction can occur, as well as there is an increased risk of miscarriage failure. If you have any kind of allergies or health-related problems with the medicine, contact the doctor immediately.


The use of abortion pills can reduce the risk of infection in the uterus in very few cases. After a few days of aborting, you should contact your doctor and ask that whether the abortion has been completely done properly or not. Apart from all this, do not have intercourse with your partner during this entire process as it can be transmitted.




How Can You Take Care Of Yourself After the Abortion?


  • You can get an ultrasound done to ensure that abortion has been done properly after two weeks of taking MTP.


  • If the abortion pill has failed or you face too much bleeding, then you should go for absorption by vacuum aspiration.


  • If you face the problem of fever and cramps with bleeding too much, then go to your doctor immediately.


  • If the fever is not ending after abortion, it indicates some infection that has to be corrected with the help of medicines.


  • Avoid intercourse as long as bleeding does not stop completely.


  • Only use contraception after ensuring that abortion has been done properly.




What are the Important Things to Note After Abortion?


There are a few important things that should be noted after abortion including;


  • Never buy abortion pill directly from the medical store. Always use these medicines after the doctor’s advice.


  • In some cases, pregnancy may also be due to the failure of an intrauterine device (IUD). Women can take abortion pills in such cases, but keep in mind that before taking medicines, remove those devices with the help of a doctor.


  • Any pregnancy test only indicates pregnancy, but it is not known whether the embryo is inside or outside the uterus. Therefore, it is advisable to do an ultrasound before getting MTP, to ensure that the embryo is inside the uterus itself.


  • If embryos are out of the uterus, such as embryos attached to the Fallopian tubes, medical abortion is not recommended for abortion.


  • After the abortion, irregularities are seen in the menstrual period. There may be more or less bleeding during the first period after abortion.


  • If there is no such serious problem like there is no danger in getting pregnant in the future. But still, it is advisable to take full knowledge from your doctor about the problems that occur after treatment.





Well, it is clear that abortion pill or medication abortion is safe only if taken under the proper guidance of the doctor. Before taking abortion pill you should always contact your doctor and have full knowledge regarding the same.


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