Fear of Diseases Increased in India: Kerala and Nagaland Floods

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India has been under influence of disasters due to the expanded impact of sudden floods in various parts of the Nation. The floods have caused the fear of diseases increased in India that involves deaths, injuries, and displacement of thousands of people. These floods have disturbed the regular lifestyle of thousands of people, in fact, the whole population of India has trembled devastatingly.


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Fear of Diseases Increased in India: Kerala and Nagaland Floods




Fortunately, the flood in India has been abated but the struggle is yet to be encountered as along with calamity, the fear of diseases increased in India as it is on a high alert. The deluge has wrecked the health and wellness condition as well. It is necessary to find an optimum solution and preventive measure against these potential diseases. Let’s learn further about these flood born diseases that can be alarming for the future.




Top 3 Risks of Diseases Increased in India Due to Kerala and Nagaland Floods:


1. Water-Borne Diseases


The flood causes contamination of water, which is the initial aspect of the water being held in one place for a long period of time. The fear of diseases increased in India, the diseases like Diarrhoea and stomach infection is quite common is floods. Diarrhea and stomach infection reflects a similar kind of symptoms that are loose motion, vomiting, fever, weakness, and fragility.


Another risk that is been stated by the World Health Organization based on past flood incidents is infectious diseases. These water-borne infectious diseases involve wound infections, dermatitis, conjunctivitis, and ear, nose and throat infections. Although, these diseases are not epidemic-prone. However, the diseases like leptospirosis, which is a zoonotic bacterial disease can be the only epidemic-prone infection.


The infectious disease can be transmitted quite easily so it is preferred to stay indoors and away from the people who are infected by any of the infectious conditions that are mentioned above.


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2. Vector-Borne Diseases


The risks of vector-borne disease are instantaneously increased as the flood expands to a dangerous phase. The standing water due to continuous rains and clogging can be a suitable thriving habitat for these vectors. Diseases like malaria and dengue are caused by the mosquitoes which thrive inside standing water.


These mosquitoes play the role of the vector in these conditions and increase their population is bulk. It is quite difficult for the authorities to control the vectors from taking birth and spreading in the affected areas. It is recommended to stay aware from vector-prone areas and use the mosquito repellents as much as possible during day and night time. Another helpful practice can be avoiding the clogging of water and not letting the water to stand anywhere.



3. Risks of Diseases Caused by Corpses


The flood causes deaths, that is the most brutal truth. Therefore, some corpses are left unnoticed which can rot and cause infections in the near areas. Tuberculosis and Gastrointestinal diseases can be very common in such conditions as corpses spread feces and harmful substances when left untouched.






The Kerala flood and Nagaland flood have been a drastic phase fear of diseases increased in India promptly. Standing in unity with firm actions can be very crucial in preventing the vector-borne diseases, water-borne diseases, and other risks. Also, mental trauma and depression can be other alarming aspects of the flood as well, so care for mental health is also required.


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