7 Things To Keep In Mind In Cancer During Pregnancy

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Cancer is something that does not mention before you realize that you are suffering from it. The worst is at the moment when you are going to experience the most beautiful phase of life. Cancer during pregnancy is not just sad but breaks a family and the woman. Herewith all the information and precautions, we will be telling you the details about what and how can you have cancer during pregnancy.


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Is cancer during pregnancy common?


As per the amount of research done, no it is not. It is rare because we do not have much research on this particular topic. Yet, some exceptions have said that yes you do get cancer during pregnancy.



What is the statistics say about cancer during pregnancy?


The National Foundation for Cancer Research says, “It is estimated that this coexistence only affects 1 in every 1000 pregnant women. However, in addition to being uncommon, cancer is especially difficult to detect in pregnant women.”



What do you need to know about cancer during pregnancy?


There are some important points you must keep in your head when dealing with cancer during pregnancy. Here are some points.



1) Basic types of cancer you can go through when suffering from pregnancy


As a woman, you can suffer from specific cancers. Some of them being breast cancer, cervical cancer, and thyroid cancer. These are some which you must be aware of in terms of what and how they can happen to you.


2) Safety of treatment and diagnosis with cancer during pregnancy


We all know that a pregnant woman is responsible for two lives. One of her own health and the other of the little infant in her womb. If she is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, there is added care. She must understand and the family should clarify a lot of things.


These include the food she will eat, the safety of the treatment and also how the diagnosis takes place. And this is something that will affect the child also, so it becomes important to understand how to take care of it.


3) The factor of treatment you must understand to know cancer during pregnancy


There are factors of treatment during pregnancy, given the fact that you have another living being to take care of when you are pregnant. In most cases the common factors to keep in mind are as follows:


  • The location of the cancer
  • The type of cancer
  • The stage of the cancer
  • How old the fetus is
  • The wishes of the mother


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4) Effect on the infant with cancer during pregnancy


The effects of cancer on the fetus are still largely unknown, but it seems that cancer only rarely has a direct effect on the fetus. Only a few cancers can spread from the mother to the fetus. These include malignant melanoma, small cell lung cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and leukemia.


5) What is the diet in cancer during pregnancy?


Take care of your diet in particular. You have to know that cancer during pregnancy will demand another kind of diet. You are also responsible for the nutrition of your baby as well.


6) How much will cancer during pregnancy affect the delivery?


With a knowledgeable care team, cancer rarely affects the baby during pregnancy. If administered in the first trimester, chemotherapy may cause birth defects or pregnancy loss. Administering chemotherapy after the first trimester has far less severe risks, the most important being possible preterm birth and the possibility of babies being small for gestational age.


7) What about breastfeeding?


Cancer cells cannot pass to the infant through breast milk. But chemotherapy and other drugs can be transferred to the baby, and this can cause harm. Also, radioactive substances that are taken as a drink or a pill (such as radioactive iodine used to treat thyroid cancer) can also get into the breast milk and harm the baby. So women being treated for cancer are often advised not to breastfeed.


Cancer during pregnancy is a tough time for both, the mother and the family. If you have to visit a doctor nearby, order medicine online to make it easy and get easy appointments also. This helps you to take care of both the baby and the mother.


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