11 Insulin Question For Your Doctor, You Need To Ask Now

Somya Verma

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As an aware patient, you must ask about your condition to your doctor. When suffering from diabetes, you have so many questions in your head. It is important that each of the questions troubling you. Insulin questions for your doctors must be ready when you next meet him or her. What are the questions you should ask? Well, here is a list.


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Insulin Question for your doctor to answer!


Do not feel hesitant to talk about it to your diabetologist. You must have insulin questions for your doctor to get away with any doubt in your mind.



1) Why do I need Insulin?


The first question must be this! Insulin questions for your doctor must start with the very idea of why you need it. Maybe your condition is not that serious and you do not need it at all. Ask this question for sure.



2) How much Insulin to take?


Once you are told to take insulin, the next insulin question for your doctor by you should be, how much. Some think that they have to always take insulin, but that is not the truth. It should be taken in the right amount. You can suffer from a lot of conditions because of it.



3) Do I get in trouble with more Insulin


Yes, you do. If you take too much Insulin then most probably you will suffer from Hypoglycemia. Your body needs some sugar. In case you take Insulin without a thought, you might suffer from low sugar taking a toll on your health.



4) Are there any side effects of Insulin?


In most cases, you will have some side effects of meds that take care of your chronic condition. Hence it is very much possible that you might face some side effects.



5) Which type of Insulin do I use?


There are various types of Insulin that we use. Some of which might depend on what is your blood sugar level. So check your insulin questions for your doctor, and make sure you have this one added to the list.



6) Can you repeat the dosage


There is no harm in asking things again. If you have a doubt, you must ask the doctor again and again. Clear your doubts because only then will you feel and manage your condition properly.



7) Does the diet get affected by insulin


You are on meds and you need to make sure that the diet is somehow not affected. This means that you have to ask them if your diet will be affected or not.


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8) Can the flu or cold affect the way my prescription works?


Ask about other conditions that actually affect your prescription. Insulin questions for your doctor must have the “disclaimers” for conditions that can happen due to the Insulin intake.



9) How do I travel with Insulin


Traveling with Insulin is important to question to ask. There are times when you need to do so, hence you must have all your remedies with you.



10) Is Insulin intake important all the time


Well, this must be in insulin question for your doctor. We are always confused about whether or not to take insulin at some points or not. Excess of anything is bad, and you must know it.



11) My bottle of insulin will expire next month. Can I still use it or do I need to throw it away?


Expiration dates usually have a grace period. If stored properly, you should be fine. I would assume that your insulin would also be used up sometime around the expiration date. Just to be sure, inquire from your pharmacist or source of your insulin what they advise.



Insulin Question for your doctor is like a small scripture you must read and also ask now and then to him or her. If you want a doctor nearby or order medicines, you can always visit our website.


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