Chamomile Tea May Help Control Diabetes

Tanuja Bisht

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Chamomile, the beautiful yellow flower, which is so often made into a tea, known as chamomile tea which also helps in controlling diabetes.


It was recently discovered that the chamomile tea may control or even prevent diabetes as well as bedtime herbal tea may be doing very good for many people.


The herbal beverage helps in managing the blood-sugar levels through its effects on carbohydrate digestion.

Top most benefits of the chamomile tea:

  • The tea helps in managing the blood-sugar levels through its effects on carbohydrate digestion.
  • Same compounds present in the flower that gives it a yellow color also helps in controlling carbohydrate absorption.
  • The researcher believes the compounds of the flower could be used for medical purposes also.
  • Earlier the flower is used as a dye in mid 19th century.




How The Herbal Chamomile Tea Benefits Diabetes Patients?

Well, many of the techniques used to extract dyes from textile samples cause damage to the dye molecule, resulting in the loss of chemical footprint information that may be available to conservators.


Earlier people use “soft” extraction methods using glucose, which allows the dye molecule to be retained during extraction and analysis and used these new techniques to study common dyes before mid-nineteenth century.


One of these plants, which has been used throughout history, was chamomile, which gives wool, cotton and other natural fibers a bright yellow color.


There is evidence of its use in Europe and Asia to dye textiles that are hundreds of years old.


Pople has identified the dyes and other natural constituents found in various species of chamomile to understand the coloring properties and their identification in historical textiles, greatly expanding knowledge of complex chemistry.


This would have been interesting from the point of view of conservation and chemical coloration.


As food, most people will be familiar with the use of chamomile as an herbal tea, which is often associated with sleep.


Indeed, the recognition of its medicinal properties is illustrated as relaxing and soothing by its inclusion as an official drug in the pharmacopeias in different countries.


But we did not realize that it could have other dietary benefits.


German chamomile has been taken care of by digestive problems.




Different Studies Regarding Link Between Chamomile Tea and Diabetes:

An Iranian study discovers that drinking three cups of camomile tea a day could improve and control the blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes.


Another study from the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences reveals the positive effects of camomile tea that affect glycemic control and antioxidant levels, particularly in type 2 diabetes. These antioxidants are chemicals that help in protecting or delaying cell damage.




Yes, chamomile tea is helpful for controlling diabetes. But excess use of anything is not good, so try to avoid the excess use of the tea.

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