53% of Consumers Prefer to Buy Medicine Online: GoMedii Survey

Tanuja Bisht

, Health A2Z

Almost half of the consumers like 53% prefer to buy medicine online than offline, while 41% of consumers want to experience the purchase of medicine online.


These stats are from our survey called “Poll: Buy Medicine Online Experience” show that what actually people think about buying medicine online.



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Following is the result of our survey;

53.12% consumers- I generally buy medicine online, I think the feature service you get from GoMedii is better than any medical store like product are genuine with fast doorstep delivery.

6.25% consumers- I generally buy medicine from stores and don’t really go online.

40.62% consumers- I really wanted to feel the experience of buying medicine online.

Survey result




Why People Switch to Online for Buying Medicine?

Through our survey, we came to know some problems due to which people switch to buy medicine online from offline stores including;

  • Anybody who is working can buy medicine for his/her family.
  • Excess traffic.
  • Easy process for old people.
  • Genuine products.
  • Easy home delivery.


I want to share a story from one of our users. She says that one day when she was coming from the office, she wants to buy medicines for her mother who was ill and alone in the home. But due to this heavy traffic, she was unable to go and purchase the medicine.


Then she reminds that one of her friends had suggested GoMedii app to her in the office. She quickly picks up her phone and downloads the GoMedii app, then she follows the simple process of the app and ordered medicines for her mom.


Once she reached home, she saw that the medicines were already on the table, she was surprised and as well as happy to see the customer service provided by the company. From that day till now whenever she wants to buy medicine online or any other product she uses the app and also recommends the app to her friends.



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How Can You Buy Medicine Online From GoMedii?

The process is very simple you have to just upload a valid prescription that has Name of the Doctor, Doctor’s Medical Registration Number, Name of the Patient, Patient’s Age, Patient’s Gender, Date, Hospital or Clinic Name, Doctor’s Signature, and List of Medicines (with dosage & duration).


Following are some simple steps through which you can buy medicine online easily within 4 hours of doorstep delivery.

Buy Medicine Online


With these simple steps, you can easily buy medicine online from GoMedii.




As we all know that various online pharmacies are offering you to buy medicines online. But the best thing about GoMedii is they provide you medicines from your neighborhood pharmacy within 4 hours of doorstep delivery. So, you can check out the GoMedii app and buy medicines online.



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