Are Online Pharmacies The Future Of Medicines? Find It For Yourself

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

With the coming of technology, it becomes important to evaluate every sector of human necessity. Like healthcare, the question to ask is are online pharmacies the future of medicines? It is not wrong to say that yes they are. What makes them near prospects of the future? We will know by judging a few points.


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The major aspect is the technology online pharmacies are using these days. It has become easier to approach an online platform than going and searching all over.



With everything coming online, from the slippers you wear to the food you eat, even medicines are now online. Hence the question is self answered, are online pharmacies the future of medicines? Yes, they very well are!



One of the studies done in the Journal of Medical Internet Research says, ” Many patients will purchase medications on the internet in the future. Currently, there is an increased risk of patients buying products from illegal sites because these dominate the global online pharmacy market.


Consequently, improved patient-provider communication and promotion campaigns are needed to inform the public about the safe use of internet pharmacies, as these initiatives can directly prevent patient safety threats.”



According to our online survey conducted, we could understand that if and are online pharmacies the future of medicines. Here are the results of the survey.


53.12% consumers- I generally buy medicine online, I think the feature service you get from GoMedii is better than any medical store like product are genuine with fast doorstep delivery.


6.25% of consumers- I generally buy medicine from stores and don’t really go online.


40.62% of consumers- I really wanted to feel the experience of buying medicine online.


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Why are online pharmacies the future of medicines?


Answering questions like are online pharmacies the future of medicines, we have some important aspects you can look into.


Authentic Medicines


Neighborhood pharmacies are often the last resort for genuine medicines. They offer genuine medicines and also keep customers posted about any new development in the field.


So Many Choices


Online ordering gives you so many choices that you can actually judge which you wish to choose and which you do not. It helps you suit your preference and budget as well. Now you see how Online medicine orders are useful?


Reminders, do the “brick and mortar” shops give you that?


Once you register with online medicine order portals like Gomedii. We provide you reminders of when your stock is over and it is time to refill. Do you see how we are the most healthy and non-disturbing reminders?




At Gomedii, there are quality assurance teams in place to ensure original medication is stocked up in the inventory. They take great care in ensuring you place the right order. In order to avoid any malpractices. So you are assured of great service. Do you now believe are online pharmacies the future of medicine?


Ease of Delivery


Who would not wish to have everything at their doorstep? Making your life an easy affair, we have doorstep delivery when ordering online. GoMedii delivers within 4hrs (t&c). Does it not sound great?


We hope that with these insights you are sure to understand, if and are online pharmacies the future of medicine. For more information, follow our blogs and visit our website.


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