Tips To Order Medicines From An Online Pharmacy: Safely & Secure

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Online shopping is a virtual world full of tempting facilities and offers that tend to lure a mass number of public spontaneously. Moreover, some primary set of benefits are common to expect from every online pharmacy that is convenience and ease of shopping experience. But the biggest question mark still stuck in mind is that how to order medicines from an online pharmacy, safely and securely.


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Online shopping is tempting but the risk of fraud and con hangs on the head of the consumers all the time. So, let’s explore some effective tips to order medicines from an online pharmacy first then we will explore methods of safe and secure online medicine shopping.




What to Know Before Ordering Medicines from an Online Pharmacy?


The most effective method to order medicines from an online pharmacy is to learn about the platform that we are picking up. The idea of getting medicines through online pharmacy store makes us excited and intrigued because it’s an innovative way of finding a relief from waiting in queues and wandering from one pharmacy store to another in search of the right medicine.

Online shopping is luring and tempting with loads of benefits, but cons come stuck along with the pros. There are some important factors a customer must know before ordering medicine from an online pharmacy store to experience safe and happy shopping.


1. Understanding the Phenomena:


Online pharmacy stores cater you with a large spectrum of medicines available for you on efficient price range, tailor-made offers, and home delivery option. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps like uploading authentic doctor’s prescription, checking the order of medicines, mentioning personal and delivery details and making the payment using your online payment resources.



2. Selecting the Right Store:


Fortunately, there are plenty of online pharmacy stores available for you to pick but sadly some may cheat you as well. So, finding the right pharmacy store is an essential step for a hassle-free experience. Follow the underlying methods for selection:

• Check the authenticity of the store through reviews, registration ID and source of import


• Reject the fake or generic product on the price of the original product


• Do not buy any illicit drug without a doctor’s prescription



3. Perks:


The biggest reason behind all the exhilaration of ordering medicines from an online pharmacy online pharmacy is because of the perks they provide. You can save a good amount of money in your pocket by using their tailor-made deals, offers, and cheaper prices than the traditional pharmacy stores.


Also, you can receive your order at the doorsteps with the instant free home delivery option. Some online pharmacy stores also provide health tips and professional help so you can get the best treatment, one must access them for remedies but with caution and using their own senses.




How to Order Medicines from an Online Pharmacy, Safely and Secure?


India has been taking impactful and crucial steps towards developing a new era of healthcare every day. These steps have opened the doors to new opportunities and platforms for all the citizens. Whereas, if we look closely, the digitalization of the urban market to the internet has made things a lot easier for patients. Finding the pharmacies stores online is one of them.


Online pharmacy stores are better alternatives which are trusted for buying medicines online as today in modern times life has become extremely hectic and busy. So, wandering in search of a traditional pharmacy store from one place to another and hustling in the crowd to get the medicines don’t bode well. Ordering medicines from an online pharmacy is a boon facility for all the patients and their relatives as they get exposed to a platform full of perks and benefits.


Ordering medicines from an online pharmacy in India are accessible at just a few clicks of your fingers but the trouble is what is the possible way of finding the best from the clutter and pick it up. It is known that your health deserves the optimum treatment so here are some curated essential tips that should be followed to pick the best pharmacy online.



1. Knowing your pharmacy store


Picking up the right suitable store for ordering medicines from an online pharmacy is the initial step. Any pharmacy providing best services like instant delivery, genuine product spectrum and cheap price can be considered as the right choice. Also, try avoiding the stores which use tactics like unethical discounts, artificial intelligence induced fake data and depiction of fake cheap prices in order to lure customers. Customers must seek into registration ID and license to stay secured.



2. Analyzing the product


Main motive to buy online medicines is to get a quality product in a hassle-free manner. Ordering a product is as easy as a child’s game, all you need is to upload the prescription and make the payment. Some online pharmacy stores tend to supply or deliver fake products of medicines or generic medicines with the packaging and price of branded original medicines. So, try going through the reviews and ratings given by previous buyers.



3. Payment


Paying online involves a few technical steps which involve the use of your debit/credit card, e-wallet or net banking. One can also pay in cash during the time of delivery and save money with a free home delivery feature. Checking the payment method whether being secured, encrypted or not is a smart way of analyzing the authenticity of the online pharmacy.



4. Common tactics


Use your common sense by researching for the reviews, physical address, email address, consumer forum, and market value of a particular online pharmacy store before making an order. This way you can easily order medicines from an online pharmacy, safely and securely.


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What are the Benefits and Risks of Using an Online Pharmacy?


Online shopping is filled with benefits along with risk on the contrary side. Underlying is a curated list of benefits and risks of ordering medicines from an online pharmacy for you to thoroughly the concept of online pharmacy.


1. Benefits:

Low prices: It is quite common that online pharmacies cater to offers and cost-cutting over medicines. In many countries, the generic medicines are available on efficient prices as compared to the traditional stores which are beneficial for the people who seek online market to buy medicines.


Privacy/Anonymity: You may feel more comfortable purchasing your medication online, or simply want to speak to someone about prescriptions and your health online or over the phone rather than in person. However, to prevent the use of your personal information for unauthorized purposes, make sure the pharmacy has an appropriate privacy policy.


Convenience: If you find it physically difficult to order medicine from a pharmacy or you live in a remote rural area or have a busy schedule, many online pharmacies tend to provide tutorials for buying medicines alongside reminders to buy medicines when required.


Medical information: Many online pharmacies provide useful information about medications and diseases as well as awareness regarding recurring events and happenings related to medicines and healthcare.



2. Risks:

Non-licensed pharmacies: Licensed, regulated and properly inspected pharmacies require safe dispensing practices and the oversight of licensed pharmacists. Purchasing drugs from an unlicensed pharmacy can greatly increase your chances of buying counterfeit, substandard, or adulterated products.


Unfair methods: Some pharmacies don’t regulate their sale of medicines, hence makes the medicines on a cheaper price without prescription. Ordering medicines from a pharmacy can lead to risks of health issues and even drug abuse.


Unprotected personal and financial information: It’s important for pharmacy websites to publish their privacy policy, one that promises not to share your personal information with third parties. Online financial transactions should be secured through adequate use of encryption technology.


Ghost Pharmacies: Pharmacy websites that do not publish their contact information or, even worse, publish false information, are more likely to sell counterfeit, substandard, adulterated products or even not send you anything. Always check the actual address or location before ordering medicines from a pharmacy.


Hidden Charges: There is often a shipping fee and there could also be a medical fee, and/or an account set up fee, but it’s not described. Always try seeking the actual final or total price which you have to pay during the delivery of the medicines.


Price Fluctuation: Some pharmacy sites post tailored low prices to attract customers, and then raise them during the time of placing order or delivery.




What does PCI tell about Ordering Medicines from an Online Pharmacy, Safely and Secure?

The Pharmacy Council of India is the statutory body of government of India also called as central council constituted under the Pharmacy Act, 1948. The Council was first constituted on 4 March 1948. The Pharmacy Council of India is constituted by the central government every five years.


The PCI believes that majority of the pharmacies in India tend to be illegitimate and unsafe. Even experts have difficulty identifying a fake online pharmacy from its website alone. A firm legitimate pharmacy could be a rogue website working inappropriately from any side of the world. It is recommended to use all the smartness and consciousness to pick the right pharmacy and then only make the choice to order medicines from an online.





The online market has been taking a steep yet massive turn in regards to expansion. It is the duty of the consumer to put trust only in the right and ideal pharmacy. Best way to order medicines from an online pharmacy, safely and secure just follow all the guideline mentioned above and be a smart consumer.


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