Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy: Time To Explain Them Better

Somya Verma

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The most effective method to order medicines from an online pharmacy is to learn about the platform that we are picking up. The idea of getting medicines through an online pharmacy store makes us excited

It also intrigues us because it’s an innovative way of finding relief from waiting in queues and wandering from one pharmacy store to another in search of the right medicine.

However, there are many misconceptions about online pharmacy. Let us help you bust some of these myths.


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Online shopping is luring and tempting with loads of benefits, but cons come stuck along with the pros. There are some important factors a customer must know before ordering medicine from an online pharmacy store to experience safe and happy shopping.


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy:


Pharmacy retail in India has been taking impactful and crucial steps towards developing a new era of healthcare every day. These steps have opened the doors to new opportunities and platforms for all the citizens.

Whereas, if we look closely, the digitalization of the urban market to the internet-based system made things a lot easier for patients. To find a pharmacy store online is one of them. Yet there are many misconceptions about online pharmacy. Some of them which we will address.


1) Medicines are Not Provided Without Prescription:


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better1


This has been one of the main misconceptions about online pharmacy that they are not safe. However, this is wrong and not correct. GoMedii just like all other pharmacies will not provide you medicines without asking proper valid prescription.

This is because we care about you and your health. We hence make sure that every order has to require a prescription. Even before the order is placed the sheet of the doctor and his agreement on medicines are asked. This is mainly to prevent drug abuse. Hence bursting the misconceptions about online pharmacy.


2) Delivery Hours:


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better


You must have heard some people complaining about the long delivery hours. You must know the idea behind it. When you choose a delivery address there are Terms and Conditions applied to it. If they are not in the periphery of the particular pharmacy it will take time. The traceability of the medicines is also enabled to help you keep track of your order.

Medicines are a necessity and every online pharmacy would ensure qualified pharmacist approvals and delivery in the least amount of time. So, is it no one of the misconceptions about online pharmacy?


3) Low Prices:


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better


It is human nature that when prices are low we also doubt the quality. This is unfair. Online players feel that particular medicine will be of low quality. Even if we buy, we are scared of the related side effects. Just to assure you, we would tell you the truth.

The lower price is not because of low quality but because the online customer base has to be increased. Very basic economics is used in this case. We are bound to follow public health policy rules and not be blinded by profit-making.


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4) Legal Backing:


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better


You must get away from misconceptions about online pharmacy that relates to privacy policies. Every single online pharmacy has a set of rules which are legally backed and are supposed to be followed by the company.

In case of any breach of those, the company is liable to punishment. Hence this is utter misinformation and misconceptions about online pharmacy that any third party is receiving your information.


5) Refunds are Available:


Misconceptions About Online Pharmacy Time To Explain Them Better


With some kind of terms and conditions, you will always have a refund policy available. If there are any reshipment issues, even that is easily solved. This has been one of the major misconceptions about online pharmacy. It is not that you do not get your money back.



 So, we are sure that you are finally done with misconceptions about online pharmacy. Choose GoMedii and trust our services. Book appointments with top-notch doctors and get the best advice from the health expert available. We believe in building trust as an online healthcare platform. For this GoMedii takes medicines to deliver it to you from your nearest pharmacy. We would be available 24×7, providing lightning-fast services around the Delhi NCR region.


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