5 Powerful Quotes to Help You Cope With Chronic Disease

Somya Verma

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Life has a very strange way of expressing the good and the bad which we would go through. Sometimes the toughest men and women fall to the most severe of medical conditions. Keeping this in mind we are here giving you the strength to go through the toughest times.


Words and Words are all we have to keep you motivated. You cannot win over them with it, but can surely fight through them. Here are some powerful quotes to help you cope up with the chronic disease.


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Quotes to Cope Up with Chronic Disease:


Let us see the quotes which can very well go along with the idea of strength. It will help you cope up with your chronic disease.


1. “What Doesn’t Kill You, only makes You Stronger” – Joker


Powerful Quotes to Help You Cope With Chronic Disease5


Living with difficulties is the worst kind. It is true even for medical conditions. Something as chronic as cancer, for example, will take away your zest to live and keep reminding you of the end. We think that once diagnosed with it, our life is doomed. We hope that this quote from one of the most loved fictional characters will give you hope.


It is not like a poison that kills in minutes but every day you die a little. So, do not give up, put a fight. You will never know when you achieved something big from something that could kill you. Is it not true that Joker helps in both life and to cope with chronic disease?


2. “If You Stumble, Make It Part of The Dance.” – Unknown


Powerful Quotes to Help You Cope With Chronic Disease5


In life, you might fall many times. Just like in case you suffering from an illness, you might feel sad many times. Each time you do so, remember to see something better. As the quote says, let the pain also look pretty.


If you fall to make it look like it is a powerful step you take. It is only when you make the best out of the worst is when you can fight well. Remember this quote which will help you cope with chronic disease.


3. “Healing Takes Courage, and We All Have Courage, Even If We Have To Dig a Little to Find It.” – Tori Amos

5 Powerful Quotes to Help You Cope With Chronic Disease



How long will any illness keep your spirit down? All you need to do is keep the fire burning. Once you hold on to the courage of making everything right, you will win. You must know that that healing is not a destination, it is a journey. This goes for all those who are recovering.


Even when you have fought hard an illness, you might feel dejected, this quote will give you the needed boost in life. A quote like this one is bound to help you cope with chronic diseases.


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4. “You Either Get Bitter Or You Get Better. It’s That Simple. You Either Take What Has Been Dealt With You And Allow It To Make You A Better Person Or You Allow It To Tear You Down. The Choice Does Not Belong To Fate, It Belongs To You.” – Josh Shipp

Powerful Quotes to Help You Cope With Chronic Disease4



This quote needs no explanation. It gives you a gist about what life can be and cannot be. You can build yourself from the loss or keep complaining. Even in the worst of the illness, you can be happy by seeing the positive side. You might find examples of people who have won over the toughest illness battles of their life.




5. “The Wound Is The Place Where the Light Enters You.”- Jalaluddin Rumi



Powerful Quotes to Help You Cope With Chronic Disease4



Well, Who can win over Rumi? He has been one of the best to explain why pain is the elixir. Even as someone who is suffering from a chronic illness, this quote fits well. A healing touch to the pain.


Only when seen in another way will help you get the light. In depression people lose faith in life, that is wrong. This should be the time when you should love yourself the most. Read it each time as it will help you cope with chronic disease.


These are words that will inspire you all your life. It is easy to complain and blame, but a real challenge to rise from it. You might and will feel like giving up sometimes, don’t. Tell yourself that life is not something to waste because you know you have less of it.


Life is actually too short to cry over things. Cope up with chronic disease by reading and doing things that make you happy. You will see how wonderful the world is. So do not get sad and dejected, we are always here to cheer you up!


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