Depression At Work: Impact of Working Hours on Sleep & Mental Health

Divya Tripathi

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According to the WHO (World Health Organization), depression is one of the leading causes of disability around the world among men and women both aged 15 to 44. People who are dealing with a depressive disorder can experience sadness, fatigue, and loss of interest in day-to-day life for a long period of time. You can manage your symptoms at home, but depression at work is often unsuited, with a job that demands your complete attention and focus for eight or more hours a day.


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Many people try to push through their workdays when they feel dejected. According to a survey, 23 percent of people said they have been diagnosed with depression at work for some point in their life. Around half of them had taken time off to address their condition.


When you have depression at work, it’s hard to be a productive member of your team. You’re more likely to suffer at the office because you’re too tired or you miss work altogether, unmotivated, or just can’t concentrate.


How To  Manage Depression at Work?


Depression isn’t something which simply goes away. You need time along with the right treatments, to get back into the work. Here are a few tips to help you cope with depression at work.


See Your Doctor If You Feel Depression At Work:


Depression is treatable with psychotherapy and antidepressants. It might take some trial and error method to find the right medicine for your symptoms, but once you feel better, you’ll able to do your work in a much more manageable way. According to a study, people who took antidepressants medicine for eight weeks became more productive, missed fewer workdays and performed better than those who remained untreated.


Put Yourself First:


Offcourse, Your career is the most important, but no meeting or deadline should take priority over your mental health. You can’t get anything done well if you feel unfocused or unmotivated on the task in front of you.


Prioritize Your Things:


We are living in an “I need it now” world. We all want everything right away or preferably.

Trying to achieve anyone else’s unrealistic expectations will only set you up for failure. Be very clear with your managers and co-workers about what you can and what you can’t fulfill. If they won’t give you any breathing space then get human resources (HR) involved to a more flexible and understanding company.


Strategize Your Things:


Have an action plan ready to go for times when you feel depression at work. If you can’t concentrate during a depressive time, try to break down your big projects into small or manageable tasks. Take a small break after you complete each task.


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Try These Practices To come up Depression At Work:


Get Enough Sleep.


The world looks much darker when you’re depressed. Go to bed at a viable hour and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night including weekends.




Jogging or taking a Zumba class releases a flood of feel-good chemicals known as endorphins in your brain. The workout can help you to beat stress, calm your anxiety, and improve your mood.


Change Your Diet.


On days when you feel down, you might crave to eat more food. Cookies, donuts, candy, and chips taste good going down, but they have a bad effect on your blood sugar. As soon as your blood sugar fluctuates, you’ll feel even more irritable and anxious. Eat slower burning foods, like vegetables and fruits, Greek yogurt, and whole-grain crackers with cheese to keep your blood sugar steady and mood stable.


Manage Stress.


Every approaching deadline and looming pressure is magnified when you feel depressed at work. When you’re overwhelmed, take a deep breathe, or get up from your desk and take a 5-minute walk. It can help you to release some pressure you feel. When you have time at home, try relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga.






Depression at work is very common if you feel any symptoms then you shouldn’t ignore those symptoms and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Proper medication and treatment help you to come up with the depression. You should try these above mention practice as well which can help you to treat your depression.


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