Immediate First Aid Tips for An Acid Burns

Divya Tripathi

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All acid burns should be treated by a trained medical professional, as soon as possible! DO NOT wait! Failure to obtain treatment as soon as possible may result in serious problems or death.


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Acid attacks happen all over the world, yet the commonness of this brutal crime in India is disturbing. Acid attack, also known as acid throwing, is an act of extreme violence and most of the victims being women only. It makes the victim’s life irrecoverable and the impacts on health are lifelong. With increasing crime rates, especially in India, it’s important to know the first aid tips for an acid burn.


First Aid Tips for An Acid Burns:


Treatment for acid and chemical burns is an immediate first aid


The NHS and burn surgeons are suggested some urgent steps a victim or a witness can use that can help reduce the instant pain and damage, as well as long-term injuries. According to the various health agency, this criminal assault needs instant medical attention.


According to the NHS England guidance ‘Report, Remove, Rinse’, which has been developed with specialist BAPRAS burns and trauma surgeons, educate people to take these three simple steps, if they witness or are a victim of an attack.


  • Remove the acid or other contaminated clothing carefully, make sure not to touch or spread the acid as this can lead to further injuries to the victim a well as the person who is helping them.


  • Avoid wiping the skin as this can increase contamination.


  • Rinse the affected area by the clean water as soon as possible to remove acid, while avoiding wiping or rubbing the area.


  • Understand the fact that every minute after an acid attack is critical for helping a victim, the NHS guidance outlines what first steps to take in the event of an attack in those crucial minutes before you get the professional help arrives on the scene.


Treatment for Acid Burns:


Acid attack victims need specialist burns treatment and they can require reconstructive surgery. Generally, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid are the two types of acid which are used in acid attacks. It can cause an accidental cell death that leads to tissue ulceration. patients need to stay in the hospital for many days. Deeper burns can take years or months to heal which can cause permanent damage to facial structures, leaving visible scarring which can affect the ability to make an expression. Depending on the severity of the condition, an acid burn can lead the lifelong deformities, including sight loss or restricted use of muscles or limbs.


Sadly, the victim also undergoes a lot of problems when it comes to accept the appearance and deal with what they look like after the such a traumatic event, well, burns support group also provide emotional and practical support to victims and their families as well.


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