The Miracle That Ended the Long Time Infertility


Name: Ankita

Age: 32

The number of years trying to get pregnant: 3


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We were married in 2013, at that time I was 27 and my husband was 28. After the marriage, we weren’t quite ready for children, so we waited for around a year before trying to get pregnant with the thought that we should probably start, it was the time we finally started a family.



We got disappointed because we were not able to conceive the baby. We tried, months after months, and nothing happened. After about six months, I went to a gynecologist and infertility specialist, and I went through many tests like HSG and other screening tests. An HSG showed my tubes were open and there were no blockages. Further screening test showed that I had plenty of healthy eggs, “like a 20-year-old!” according to my doctor.



My periods were very regular and always had been. Nothing looked abnormal in my case. Even my husband got his sperm count tested, it was also normal, and there was no reason for the lack of pregnancy. So we tried and waited for a good time but the time passed and we did not get any positive sign.



I started losing my hope, but my doctor suggested not to lose hope, and I started following his advice very patiently. My doctor started giving a regular injection to me on the second and twelfth day of my maturation cycle and one fine day my cycle got extended by 6 days and then I called my doctor, she asked me to wait for 2 more days and recommended me to go for hCG test, which is a pregnancy confirmation test.



I waited for 2 more days as my doctor suggested, and then went for the hCG and a miracle happened, it was positive. I went to my doctor with my test reports which were all normal and my whole pregnancy was very smooth. After 34 weeks of pregnancy, I delivered a baby boy and he is now 3 years old, healthy and very active. Thanks to my doctor and all the staff for boosting up my moral as well as physical support.


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