Swine Flu Outbreak of All Times & Hit by Worst Ever

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Swine flu is a human respiratory infection which is caused by an influenza strain found in pigs. This infection is very dangerous to your health because it’s a communicable disease which can easily spread out. Today we are going to talk about swine flu and how it is dangerous for our health.


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What is Swine Flu?


Swine flu is an infection in pigs which can be passed to humans. It is a highly communicable respiratory disease caused by one of many Influenza A viruses.


This disease spreads among pigs by direct and indirect contact, aerosols, and from pigs which are infected but do not have symptoms. In many areas of the world, pigs are vaccinated against the infection. Generally, it is of the H1N1 influenza subtype. These viruses can sometimes come from other subtypes, like – H1N2, H3N1, and H3N2.


What are the Symptoms of Swine Flu?


There are a few symptoms of swine flu:


1. Body ache


2. Chills


3. Cough


4. Headache


5. Sore throat


6. Fever


7. Tiredness


8. Dizziness


9. Vomiting


What are the Causes of Swine Flu?


There are only a few cases of swine flu in humans. They are:


Contact with Infected Pigs


It is the easiest way of catching an infection. Any contact with infected pigs makes transmission more likely because it’s a communicable disease.


Contact with Infected Humans


 It is the less common cause of this infection, but those people are at risk who are in close contact with an infected person.


What are the Risk Factors of Swine Flu?


There are some risk factors of swine flu:


1. People aged over 65 years


2. Children under 5 years


3. People with chronic diseases


4. Pregnant women


5. Teenagers receiving long-term aspirin therapy


6. Anyone with a compromised immune system


What are the Preventions of Swine Flu?


There are some preventions of swine flu:


1. Limit contact with other people


2. Do not go to work or school


3. Cover the mouth while coughing or sneezing


4. Put used tissues in a trash can


5. Wash the hands and face regularly


6. Keep all surfaces that are touched clean


7. Follow all doctors’ order


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Swine Flu Diagnosis


During the diagnosis of swine flu, your doctor will likely conduct a physical exam, look for signs and symptoms of influenza, and possibly order a test which detects influenza viruses.


There are many tests used to diagnose flu, but not everyone who has the flu needs to be tested. In some cases, knowing that someone has the flu doesn’t change the treatment plan. Doctors are more likely to use a test to diagnose flu if:


1. You’re already in the hospital


2. You’re at high risk of complications from the flu


3. You live with someone who is at greater risk of flu complications


The doctor may also use a test to control whether a flu virus is the cause of your symptoms, or if you have or are showing signs of another problem besides the flu, such as:


1. Heart problems, like- heart failure or an infection of the heart muscle


2. Lung and breathing problems, like- asthma or pneumonia


3. Brain and nervous system problems, like- encephalopathy or encephalitis


4. Septic shock or organ failure


How to Treat Swine Flu?


There are some medications available which can effectively treat swine flu. The two main treatments are adamantanes, including amantadine and rimantadine, and medications which inhibit the influenza neuraminidase protein, like- oseltamivir and zanamivir. Usually, most people with swine influenza recover completely without the need for medical attention.



In the above article, we have talked about swine flu and its symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention and more importantly treatment. The best and the easy way to cure this infection is to cleanliness, keep yourself clean and hygienic, wash your face and hands frequently. Always keep in mind to stay away from infected areas apart all this if you don’t feel fine so consult a doctor as soon as possible to control this life-threatening infection.


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