Swine Flu: 9 deaths in UP and 17 PAC jawans tested positive

Anju Bisht

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Before it was coronavirus scare now it is swine flu horror in Uttar Pradesh. The state death toll reached 9 which includes 6 from Meerut alone. Plus 17 Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) jawans tested positive for swine flu in the district in the past 48 hours.


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Raj Kumar, Meerut Chief Medical Officer said- “Out of the 27 PAC jawans of the Sixth Battalion admitted to the Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College (LLRMMC) with complaints of fever, cold and other similar symptoms, 17 have tested positive for swine flu. Hence, around 370 jawans in the battalion were given Tamiflu tablets and instructed to remain on the campus to prevent further spread of the infection. With this, the total number of swine flu cases in the district has gone up to 71.”



“We have added 40 more beds in the isolation ward of the LLRMMC taking the total number to 56,” said the official.



The number of bed in the isolation wards have also been asked to increase in the district and other private hospitals.



In the aftermath of the rising number of swine flu cases, it’s advised by doctors-only one member of the family should be involved in taking care of the infected patient to avoid the spread of the disease.



Plus, wash hands frequently, wear a mask when in the proximity of the patient and take care of cleanliness in the patient’s room.


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Source: India Today

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