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We usually underestimated that headache disorders but they are one of the most common disorders of the nervous system. Well, all headaches are painful and disabling, but they all are not the same. And yes, if you’re suffering from migraines also causes several other unwanted symptoms. So, let’s explore the migraine treatment along with knowing its symptoms.


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According to the WHO, “Migraine most often begins at puberty and mostly affects those aged between 35 and 45 years. It is more common in women, usually by a factor of about 2:1, because of hormonal influence.” Let’s find out the symptoms of migraine and some amazing home remedies for migraine treatment that may help you get the relief for the treatment.



What are the symptoms of the migraine?


So, here are the symptoms of migraine that tell you that you have a migraine and not just a headache? Keep a lookout for the following common symptoms:


1. Pulsating headache, often on one side

2. Nausea

3. Light sensitivity

4. Pulsating and recurrent pain

5. Blurred vision

6. Lightheadedness

7. Symptoms may last for 2-3 days


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Home Remedies for Migraine treatment


1. Drink Ginger Tea


Drinking ginger tea helps in coping with the other symptoms of migraine-like nausea. Ginger root is known to block prostaglandins, which helps to stimulate muscle contractions that lead headache. You should have 2-4 grams of ginger daily to feel better.


2. Inhale Essential Oils


Inhaling essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, and jasmine could be great for migraine treatment. Soothing scents can help you to reduce pain caused by migraines and ease the tension by directly attacking the triggers. For the better result add 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil into hot water and take deep breaths so as to inhale the steam.


3. Use Sesame Oil as a Nasal Drop


According to Ayurveda, You use sesame oil as a nasal drop.  It can help you to relieve the pressure created in the body. You can put around four drops of sesame oil in your nostrils once a day till the migraine attack lasts and inhale deeply. Sesame oil also helps to relieve the gases that are causing the head pressure and relaxes your body.


4. Apply Nutmeg Paste


Make a paste with crushed nutmeg powder and water and massage on your forehead. This can help in relieving a headache as it promotes sleep, suggests Dr. Sharma. Nutmeg is actually a sleep-inducing spice that also helps you keep calm and relaxed in any situation. A massage with nutmeg paste on your forehead will instantly give your relief and let you get some sound sleep.


5. Yoga for Migraine


Yoga can be helpful to keep you calm and relax by calming the mind and relaxing the blood vessels. Brahmi Pranayyam is one of the best exercises that can help you to treat a headache. It is a breathing technique that is very easy to do. Place your index fingers in both your ears. Breathe in, breathe out, and make a humming sound like a bee.




Here we have discussed the migraine treatment, some simple home remedies to get relief from the deadly pain. You can try these but if you didn’t get the relief that consults to the doctor to know the exact cause of your problem and get the required treatment.


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