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Pregnancy is the most critical as well as a beautiful phase of a women’s life. There are so many physical and hormonal changes occurs in the body during that period of time. So, its a responsibility as well to take care of herself, as she is most vulnerable to many health conditions like gestational diabetes. The symptoms of gestational diabetes will be discussed where you can get an overview of the situation.


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What are the symptoms of gestational diabetes?


Symptoms of gestational diabetes, does not really have a significant development of symptoms, yet if the female is suffering from high blood pressure, you can see the following symptoms:

Hunger and Fatigue


Hunger and fatigue are some of the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Your body uses the food you eat and converts it into glucose. This is used by your cells for energy. But cells required insulin to take in glucose. If your body is not able to make a sufficient amount of insulin.


Peeing More Often and Being Thirstier


Pregnant women need to go to the pee more frequently due to the reduced size of the bladder. But if you need to go for the peeing more frequently than it can be one of the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Because diabetes pushes your blood sugar up and your kidneys are not able to bring it all back in.


Dry Mouth and Itchy Skin


The body uses your body fluid to make pee, there’s less moisture for other things. You can feel dehydrated, and your mouth may get dry. As a result, your dry skin makes you itchy.

Blurred Vision


Due to the changing level of fluids in your body could make the lenses in your eyes swell up. They change shape and can’t focus. As it is one of the most common symptoms of gestational diabetes.



Who are at Risk of Gestational Diabetes?


While there are no certain parameters to meet to be at risk of gestational diabetes, as any pregnant woman can get this type of diabetes. Some of the major reasons that can increase your chances are listed below.


1) BMI: Body Mass Index


In case your body mass index is above 30, then you might be at a higher risk of getting gestational diabetes.


2) Pregnant at a later age


When you conceive at an age above 25, it increases the chances of being prone to the condition.


3) The previous record of the heavyweight child


In case your previous pregnancy has complications and the child born was heavier than the normal weight (4.5kg or more) of a newborn.


4) Obesity


A female suffering from obesity or overweight can be at high risk of getting gestational diabetes.


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What are the Complications from Gestational Diabetes?


If you ignore the symptoms of gestational diabetes and left untreated then it can lead to some complications like:


1) The excess weight of the newborn


Your newborn can suffer from the excess weight which will further prove disadvantageous for the child in the future.


2) Preterm birth and respiratory distress syndrome


Preterm labor and early due date might be suggested by the doctor due to the large size of the baby. Babies born early may experience respiratory distress syndrome which is a condition that makes breathing difficult.


3) Future diabetes


The risk of you and your child suffering from diabetes (especially type 2) in the future increases manifold once there is gestational diabetes suffered during the time of pregnancy.


What is the treatment?


Treatment, in this case, includes the balance of blood sugar levels normal. You can opt for special meal plans and regular physical activity. It can also include daily blood sugar testing and insulin injections.


During pregnancy, it is important that every lady is given extra care. If the symptoms of gestational diabetes are not treated well then it can lead to a lot of complications both for the mother and the child. A proper diet and physical activities can reduce the chances of the female acquiring the condition. There are a number of experts and consultants on our website who can help you with your doubts regarding this condition and various others.


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