Best Diet Plan for Diabetes During Pregnancy

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Diabetes during pregnancy has a wide range of complications during pregnancy. It usually begins when a woman’s body cannot produce sufficient amount of insulin during pregnancy. It becomes important to follow a diet plan during pregnancy. Insufficiency of insulin leads to a high blood sugar level.


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High blood sugar levels may cause problems for the woman and the baby, if not managed properly.


A woman can help to reduce complications by following a healthful diet. Here, we have a shared diet plan diabetes which is diabetes during pregnancy.


What is Diabetes During Pregnancy?


You before taking a diet plan for diabetes during pregnancy must be thinking what is that kind called? During pregnancy, some women develop high blood sugar levels that are called Gestational diabetes during pregnancy or gestational diabetes mellitus(GDM). It happens only during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes usually develops between the 24th to 28th weeks of pregnancy. It happens if your body is not able to produce enough insulin during pregnancy.


It, therefore, becomes necessary to manage diet and exercise. You have to take good information about your meals and snacks.



Diet Plan for Diabetes During Pregnancy:


The situation is also very well known as Gestational diabetes. It is about women suffering from borderline diabetes. We give you some of the food suggestions you can add. This would also help you manage gestational diabetes. Here is the diet plan for diabetes during pregnancy:



During the Breakfast:


Choose good nutritious food to fill your stomach during this time. You can choose a good combination of low toned milk and sugar-free tea. And also can choose among these:-

1-2 multigrain bread slices /veg Daliya/Oats chilla /Oats daliya /Oats + milk/suji upma/veg poha/Veg daliya , stuffed chapatti /besan chilla/moong dal chilla.

These choices will help you manage weight and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.




You must take protein with every meal if possible. This is because it will help you control your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar results in the woman suffer from type 2 diabetes later in life. Hence it is always suggested that protein must be added. This includes an important part of the diet plan for diabetes during pregnancy. Your choices can be as follows:


  • Whole dal
  • Sprouts chaat
  • 80gm lean meat
  • 100 gm chicken
  • 100 gm fish
  • 1 egg


Eating protein alongside carbohydrates, or choosing carbohydrates that also have protein in them, helps to balance blood sugar levels. Women who have gestational diabetes should try to eat lean, protein-rich foods, like:



Examine Carbohydrates:


Breaks on meals and snacks containing carbohydrates evenly throughout the day can help to avoid spikes in blood sugar. According to the American Diabetes Association suggested that women with gestational diabetes should eat three small-to-moderate meals and two to four snacks per day.


If you are a potato person, it is time you give up. Starchy vegetables have high carbohydrates. A meal plan which should have healthy choices is recommended for women with gestational diabetes.


With the same thing in mind, stay away from the artificial sweeteners also. You have to understand that your unborn being extremely vulnerable to get the disease becomes sure!


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Unsaturated Fats:


A good meal includes unsaturated fats. This is because they are good fats. Some of them are in nuts and oils which are mentioned as follows.


1. Olive oil
2. Peanut oil
3. Avocado
4. Most nuts and seeds
5. Salmon
6. Sardines


Not to be Included In a Diet For Diabetes During Pregnancy:


Here are some of our suggestions to not really keep these in your diet plans :


  • Avoiding Very Starchy Foods
  • Lesser Carbohydrates
  • No artificial sugar food items
  • Hidden Sugars like in Fruit Juices.


As some foods are not sources of sugar or carbohydrate, but they may still contain unhealthful levels of both of these food types. Diet Plan for Diabetes during Pregnancy is necessary to blissfully regulate your diabetes in a better way.


You might have many more doubts about understanding diabetes. You can any day get them cleared by our experts and blogs. Visit our website now!


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