Pregnancy in Diabetes: How To Deal With It?

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If you have diabetes and if you are planning for pregnancy in diabetes, then you need to plan your complete pregnancy as much as possible. You need to control your blood sugars before conceiving and throughout your pregnancy, it gives you the best chance of having a trouble-free pregnancy and delivery and a healthy baby.


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In an unplanned pregnancy in diabetes, then there are still many things you can do to give your baby the best start in life. If your diabetes develops during pregnancy, it is known as gestational diabetes.


Tips for Planning Pregnancy in Diabetes:


If you are planning for pregnancy in diabetes then you should follow these tips:



  • Visit your diabetes educator or doctor 6 months before when you start trying to get pregnant.


  • Get guidance on controlling your blood sugars as much as possible, and start taking necessary supplements like folic acid.


  • If your diabetes is well controlled and you are healthy as well, when you become pregnant, then there is a good chance of having a normal pregnancy and birth.


  • Diabetes that is not well controlled during pregnancy can affect your health and can be risky for your baby as well.


Tips for Unplanned Pregnancy in Diabetes:


Every pregnancy is not a planned the pregnancy. If you are diabetic and you thinking that might be pregnant, then see your doctor as soon as possible.


A team of health professionals team needs to care for you :


  • An obstetrician who handle high-risk pregnancies


  • A specialist in diabetes care during pregnancy, who may be a general physician or endocrinologist


  • Diabetes educator to help you manage your diabetes


  • The dietician who can provide you with a diet chart for all the different stages of pregnancy.


What are the Complications of Diabetes in Pregnancy?


During your pregnancy you need to take care of your diabetes, it is a time when you need to take even more care. It is important for your health as well as your baby’s health that your blood sugar levels are kept normal.

The ideal blood sugar level is 80 – 100 mg/dL before meals (fasting), and less than 140 mg/dL two hours after a meal.

When you are pregnant, there is a risk to develop some complications of diabetes, like kidney disease and eye disease. So, it is recommended to keep an eye on this and go for a proper checkup. There is also the chances of developing pre-eclampsia, it raises your blood pressure, which can cause problems for the baby.

Babies born to mother with diabetes have risks like born larger than average or born with a birth defect. There may be also a risk of premature baby birth or even stillborn.


These risks are reduced if your blood sugar is under good control.


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6 Tips for Health Pregnancy In Diabetes:


1. Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control:


Pregnancy in Diabetes How To Deal With It



If you’re thinking to get pregnant, you need to lose weight (if you’re overweight) and start taking prenatal vitamins along with it and get your blood sugar under control.

If your blood sugar levels are too low or too high, It would be difficult for you to get pregnant.



2. Assemble a Diabetes Team:



  • Pregnant women with diabetes could have up to three times as many appointments as women at a normal pregnancy.


  • You need a doctor who really knows, what diabetes is all about?


  • The need for constant monitoring, like ultrasounds, and blood sugar tests add up. So make sure that you are going for a regular checkup.



3. Consider Going Off Oral Medicine:




Most doctors may suggest you discontinue your oral medicines of type 2 diabetes because those diabetes pills, such as metformin, are not safe to take during pregnancy. So, you have to take insulin if your doctor suggests you to take.



4. Get A Grip on Morning Sickness:


Pregnancy in Diabetes: How To Deal With It



If you’re taking insulin, then you need to take food according to your insulin intake. It will be a problem when you can’t keep anything down. It is recommended eat some healthy snack as soon as you wake up to help with morning sickness.



5. Have A Quick Carb Stash


Pregnancy in Diabetes: How To Deal With It


If you’re insulin dependent, be ready to recover with hypoglycemia, It is a condition that occurs when the blood sugar level is too low. This is caused due to excess intake of insulin or not eating a proper diet to match the insulin level.

You can keep glucose tablets or gels with you. You can take a glass of juice it will instantly help you to cope up with it.



6. Look on to find support


Pregnancy in Diabetes: How To Deal With It


Your mom, your sister, or any of your best friend they all can offer you a piece of great pregnancy advice, but maybe they all are not having diabetes. So, they might not fully understand what going through with you.

So, try to link up with other diabetic moms to get more information and support to manage pregnancy in diabetes.




Here, we have discussed pregnancy in diabetes, tip to manage your pregnancy along with diabetes. The Pregnancy itself is a big challenge for anyone, but when it combines with diabetes it becomes more complicated. So, you have to be in an obstetrician who has specialization in high-risk pregnancy along with a physician who helps you manage pregnancy as well as diabetes.


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