10 Common Myths and Facts about Diabetes

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Our generation is quite aware of the epidemic. Now people have started to get conscious of lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The biggest barrier to control diabetes is a lack of knowledge. So let’s discuss some common myths and facts about diabetes.


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10 Myths and Facts about Diabetes:


Myth 1: One of the most common myths about diabetes that it can be cured by medicines.


Fact: Diabetes is a chronic disease. It can be controlled only with the help of proper medication and a healthy lifestyle which includes diet and exercise. But, it cannot be cured completely.


Myth 2: People think that ayurvedic medicines are best for treating diabetes.


Fact: Ayurvedic treatment can be taken along with allopathic medicines after the consultation with the doctor; Ayurvedic medicines alone are not always sufficient to control diabetes.


Myth 3: Consumption of bitter substances like bitter gourd (karela), neem, methi, etc. helps to control diabetes.


Fact: Bitter substances have less effect on blood sugar levels. But, it can lead to severe gastritis and stomach problems.


Myth 4: If you eat lesser, your blood sugar level will be controlled.


Fact: The your blood sugar level will definitely be reduced if you eat less amount of food. But, it can lead to a weakness that can hamper your daily activities or it may lead to low blood sugar level i.e. known as hypoglycemia and unconsciousness.


Myth 5: People who are taking insulin are in serious trouble.


Fact: People with Type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease, so many patients may require insulin later, but they may lead to a perfectly healthy life.


Myth 6: Medicines can damage your kidneys and such people may require dialysis.


Fact: All medicines whether it is allopathic, Ayurvedic, herbal can affect the kidneys or your vital organs to some extent, if not taken under the supervision of a doctor. Even, uncontrolled diabetes may damages the kidney permanently which can lead to dialysis. So, here we clear one of the myths and facts about diabetes-related to medicine.


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Myth 7: Once your blood sugar gets normal, you can start eating once again.


Fact: Your blood sugar directly depends upon the food you have eaten, the physical activity and the stress levels.  These factors keep on changing your blood sugar level daily. So if you start eating everything when your blood sugar level gets normal, by the time your blood sugar level will increase.


Myth 8: If I have diabetes, I just have to keep my sugar level under control to be fit.


Fact: Diabetes is not only about your sugar level, but it affects the complete system of your body. So you need to look upon your blood sugar level, cholesterol level, uric acid, and weight.


Myth 9: Alternative of insulin is available in the form of tablets.


Fact: No. There is no medicine option of insulin in the form of the tablet, it is only available in the form of injection. Insulin injections are used under the skin, which is virtually painless.


Myth 10: I have mild diabetes so I will not get any complications of diabetes.


Fact: There is nothing like ‘mild’ diabetes. If a person is diabetic then the blood sugar level may go out of control with any trigger like stress, any kind of infection – cough, cold, fever, foot injury, etc.




Here, we have discussed the most common myths and facts about diabetes. The one who is dealing with diabetes should not believe in these myths and follow the facts to control your diabetes and stay fit and healthy.


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