Importance Of Investing In Healthcare: What and Why

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

To make anything last and also make things possible, we need to invest in many ways. The importance of investing in healthcare is only realized when we are in dire need of it.


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You must understand that the importance of investing in healthcare does not include only the financial aspect. It is also about how much are you aware of the technology and the growing need for having knowledge.


Why is the importance of investing in healthcare taken lightly?


You can be surprised by the fact that we are discussing the importance of investing in healthcare. You must, however, also understand that this is because most of the time we think we can solve it. If you have a headache, you pop pills instead of seeing a doctor. This might make the condition worse but you hardly pay attention to this.

This brings an extremely lethargic approach to the idea of healthcare. Hence everyone else feels that there is no need for and no importance of investing in healthcare.


What does it mean by the importance of investing in healthcare?


An extract from the World Economic Forum reads ” Investing in the health system not only saves lives, but it is also a crucial investment in the wider economy. This is because ill-health impairs productivity, hinders job prospects and adversely affects human capital development. There has been a strong political and historical commitment to treating health as a social goal either through legislation or mandating and prioritizing expenditure on health.”


This piece of the article makes it clear why do we need to know the importance of investing in healthcare. The second question is, is only the government responsible? Well, no. Even as a patient you tend to first act as your own doctor. That is the problem, and one should try to not do that.


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What is the importance of investing in healthcare?


Let us now focus on some important bullets to make sure we understand the importance of investing in healthcare


1) Knowledge about rare disease


We are sure that you know about conditions like Diabetes and CKD, but what about others? Some of the rare and deadly diseases are least talked about. The awareness is also less. Hence in order to know about them and be safe, the importance of investing in healthcare is required to be understood.


2) Aging Population


On the government side, the importance of investing in healthcare should be understood. t’s no secret that as people age, their need for healthcare-related products and services tend to increase.


With a big surge in the number of older individuals across the world, there will likely be an even larger increase in demand for health care. Where there’s increasing demand, there’s plenty of opportunities.


3) Increasing technology


To be in line with the updated technology, you must invest in it. With time, change becomes inevitable. Even in sectors like Healthcare that have to cope up with this dynamism, it becomes important that they develop with new technology and advancement.


4) Unknown threat


The importance of investing in healthcare is best known when you have no idea of an unknown threat. Just like the Ebola virus which was only discovered after so many deaths, the future has many such threats. Hence it is only advisable to invest in healthcare. So, what shall you do? Health Insurance has become a tool to save us from disasters. If you do not have one, it is time you file one for yourself.


In India, the growing need for better healthcare facilities demands the government to understand the importance of investing in healthcare. On the other hand, for you and me it is more about how we can stay fit. To know more about and on healthcare in India, visit our website.


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