Transformation of Indian Healthcare: The Journey of A Decade

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

The start of the new decade is round the corner. Everyone now looks back and we can see how much has changed. Just like everything that has changed in 10 years, we also have the transformation of healthcare. Here is a little journey of the new healthcare that has evolved in the country. See-through the developments that have come in India over the decade.


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10 Year Transformation of Indian Healthcare:


With the start of the decade back in 2010, we had not hoped for such a strong and firm leap till 2020. Yet, here it is, the walk down the decade achievements.


1) Long queues are now gone



You do not see any long queues outside the doctor’s clinic. The digital world in 2010, brought in the facility of clearing the queues outside the healthcare clinics. Providing relief from standing under the sun and on a harsh winter morning. A major Transformation of Indian Healthcare.


2) New and better hospitals and transformation of Indian healthcare



There was an influx of new and better facility hospital in 2011. Private players like Max and Fortis opened many of their branches. Along with this government hospitals also saw a new increase in number. This brought India on par with the international facilities.


3) The good news




The better part of healthcare came in 2012. With Polio almost eradicated, the nation achieved a big win with complete end to the disease. Something that each Indian was really proud of. Thanks to Mr. Bachchan and the campaign of “Do Boond Zindagi Ke Liye”.


4) Transformation of Indian healthcare with rural areas in reach



Gandhi once said, “Future of India, lies in its villages”. Standing up to his ideals transformation of Indian Healthcare in 2013 took shape in that particular direction. Rural India was now linked with all the healthcare facilities like the urban sector.


5) Zip Zap Zoo, comes the Ambulance



Roads, Hospitals and ambulance are all connected to each other. This network must operate well. In 2014, the transformation of Indian Healthcare also took the route of ambulance service in remote areas. This indeed makes healthcare available to all.


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6) Awareness and Access



The Internet revolutionized healthcare and added to the Transformation of Indian Healthcare. With free internet facilities on mobile phones, people were able to access information. They became aware of issues like AIDS and Tuberculosis. By the end of 2015, we had medium to spread words on medical issues.


7) New labs for the chronic condition



The diagnosis was a step before the treatment. When the diagnosis was not provided how could one get treated? This is indeed something that changed in 2016. New labs came up to diagnose chronic conditions. Diagnosis of medical illnesses like Cancer and Diabetes now became easy.




Government is Working on Setting Up 'AYUSH Grid' Countrywide

With the start of 2017, we saw the AYUSHMAN BHARAT come at a good pace. It was implemented, with provision to provide medical cover to the ones who needed it. A great plan by the government in the Transformation of Indian Healthcare.


9) Doorstep delivery



When in the start there was no queue outside the clinic, almost near to end we also eliminated the line outside the medical store. Platforms like GoMedii brought a revolution with door strep delivery of medicines in the Transformation of Indian Healthcare.


10) Portable health device


Number of Diabetes Patients Among Poor Rising, Awareness is a Casualty

Gone are the days when only clinics would have huge machines. With new technology, 2019 saw portable healthcare devices like diabetes checker and other important devices such as pregnancy test.


What do we have now in 2020?



In 2020 we are taking Transformation of Indian Healthcare to the next level. Bringing before you the Virtual Healthcare. Want to know more? Well, keep that excitement alive! Visit to know more!


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