Kidney Care: Kidney Disease Can Affect Anyone of Any Age

Anju Bisht

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Your kidney works hard to keep you healthy; in return, all you need to know is kidney care management. The Pair of bean-shaped organ roughly the size of a clenched hand located in the back on either side of the spine is very important for our well-being. Usually, kidney tends to become less efficient gradually during the middle age, problems occur when something else happens as in when other problems affect the kidney.


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Kidney Disease



Our kidneys take charge of filtering out the impurities and excess water from the blood and further remove them during urination. When your kidney damages and is not able to filter the blood or unable to perform its functions, this is what we call a Kidney disease.



Although such problems are not usually curable, the sooner you know them will be better to slow or stop them from doing any further damage. The significant amount of your involvement in kidney care can slow down the damage.



The people with diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular disease, and family history of kidney disease are more prone to kidney disease. If not treated, can get worse over time, leading to complete stoppage of function. Then to perform the functions of the kidney, dialysis will be required.




5 Golden Kidney Care Tips



For a healthy kidney follow these kidney care tips:



1. Be Physically Active


Being physically active keeps your blood sugar in control, lower blood fat levels, helps in controlling body fat and reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease.



2. Manage Your Blood Sugar Well



If you are a diabetic you need to have good control over blood sugar. In order to slow down or stop the high blood sugar to cause damage to the kidney. And have a regular test to check the kidney functions, as kidney damage from diabetes can be reduced or prevented if detected early. For Better Kidney care consult doctor.


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3. Keep Blood Pressure Under Control



Carefully follow your treatment plan in order to control high blood pressure. Most of the people are aware of the fact that high blood pressure can lead to heart attack still, there are only a few who know that it is also a common reason for kidney damage. Prevent the fluid buildup in the body as it may lead to high blood pressure.



4. Eat a Properly Balanced and a Healthy Diet


In order to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease, take a healthy and balanced diet that can prevent disease like diabetes, heart disease which are associated with kidney disease. Limit the sodium intake in your diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid food that is high in saturated fat and cholesterol.



5. Say No Smoking:


Smoking is the most common risk factor that affects the health of both kidneys as well as the heart. No prevention is more important than quitting smoking. Smoking cause’s high blood pressure as a consequence it leads to kidney diseases.






For the sake of your kidney health, make a head start today!! Take kidney care steps to promote the well-being of your kidney. Make a move one at a time and set goals in order to successfully implementing the kidney care plan. Keep your kidney healthy and happy.


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