WHO: Ebola Virus Outbreak as an International Health Emergency

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On the 17th of July, 2019, the World Health Organization declared Ebola as a public health emergency of international concern, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), is the highest level of alert for an infectious disease. Due to Ebola increased and the number of cases being reported in the region continued to rise, PHEIC came into existence.


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In 2014, the first case of the Ebola virus was reported in India. Ebola Virus Disease ( EVD), first originated in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.



In tropical regions of the Sub Saharan Africa, the disease occurred in an outbreak. While the cases ranged only till a thousand between 1976 and 2013, they have increased manifold in the recent years. First detected in 1976 during the outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Zaire and Sudan. The Democratic Republic of Congo named it when the first outbreaks of the disease were recorded and which is situated on the Ebola river.



Some Facts About Ebola Virus:



1. Formerly Ebola Virus know as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, rare but severe and life-threatening disease.


2. The virus is transferred to humans from wild animals and spreads from contact with an infected person.


3. On average, about 50% of Ebola virus disease cases turn fatal. 25 to 90% fatality rates have varied in past cases.


4. The Ebola virus vaccines are under development and have been used to control the epidemic in DRC.


5. The Ebola virus disease has an incubation period after which the signs and symptoms of the disease occur. These include –





  • Vomiting


  • Nausea


  • Decreased Appetite


  • Redness on the skin


  • Redness in eyes




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