My Battle with Kidney Disease: Don’t Let it Defeat Your Spirit!

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z


Name: Raghavendra Singh


Place: Noida


Age: 45


How does it feel to be weak all the time and not able to know why it is happening? It surely is terrible. Just like how it was for me in the summer of June 2015. I was living a perfect life until in June something as terrible as Chronic Kidney disease struck my life and led to complete abandonment of the choices I was to make in life.


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Kidney diseases are one of the most dangerous of all of them, you never know when you are detected, as they might go unharmed for several years and suddenly pop up to take everything from your life. One of those was my experience with the disease.



I started feeling weak and fatigue was a major issue. Someone who was too much into the sports and extracurricular activities all her life, it becomes difficult if I am an idol and not doing anything. At a mid-life with the age of 45, I did not wish to give up on the dreams I had for myself and my families.



My symptoms started almost a year ago, and where did I go wrong? I went wrong in addressing them and kept ignoring them because they were not so worrisome in the initial. Would you run to a doctor, because you are feeling tired? No, right? And that was my mistake. I thought that not eating enough or sleeping is the cause of such frequent feeling of fatigue. I, however, did not pay attention that the frequency kept increasing.



The first one to get a hold on to these symptoms was my friend who was training under a nephrologist. He would constantly tell me that it is not good to feel weak all the time. With the fatigue, I also suffered stomach issues and blamed it on my eating habits. The doctor I visited also was a general physician and hence she too gave me medicine to combat and infection and not something as severe as Kidney disease. However, thanks to my friend, he told me that it was not good to be tired all day and every day for a month!



That is when I gave up on my stubbornness and visited a doctor, a nephrologist. After the diagnosis was done, everyone in my family was shocked and depressed. I was tackling Kidney disease, and it would have been worse if I kept ignoring the symptoms just like how I was all this while. The only hope that was left, in the journey, was that no kidney implantation was necessary but I was to go under dialysis. The process would take a lot of time and meanwhile, my family was there to support. Kidney disease does not allow living a normal life if you do not take the necessary precautions.



Spending 4hrs every 4 times a weak would make me hopeless, yet with acceptance of the life that I might have to lead from now on, I made changes in my routine. My goal was now to be fit and defeat the disease. I knew I could never get rid of it, but I would never let it bring down the zeal in my life. I started exercising, yoga was regular and put restrictions on my diet. This is how I showed a ray of new sunshine in my life, and I defeated the Kidney disease to take on my power of living the life I wished to!


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