Battle With Kidney Disease : A Remarkable Story of Mother & Son

Sonali Kapoor

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Name – Veena Desai and Kabir Desai

Age – 45 and 20

Place – New Delhi






Hi, I am veena Desai from Delhi, 45 years of age and working in a private firm Delhi itself. Being a parent It is the worst feeling ever when you see your son is facing a disease which causes one symptom after another without an explanation. My son Kabir has been fighting kidney disease since he was 12 years old. At 13, Kabir’s vision was affected and his doctors couldn’t stabilize his hypertension. In addition, he started to develop arthritis, back pains, and migraines and I felt helpless and hopeless.


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My Diagnosis:



But Kabir now 18, turned out to be more resilient than I ever dreamed. He’s meeting the challenge of kidney failure head-on.


All I wanted was for my teenager to have a great childhood, to go to playing cricket, join a sports team or even just enjoy being with his family, but it was getting difficult because of one doctor’s visit after another.



Turning Point:



Kabir eventually went into kidney failure, and at age 18, He had to begin dialysis, his doctor suggested him to stay at home only, not to go anywhere. But Kabir’s positive attitude makes him feel strong. He starts doing small activities like reading books, spending more time with his family and friends. He never leaves his hope to live lifelong happily.



Despite numerous surgeries, dialysis treatments three times a week and other health complications happen to him even though so much struggle he completed his studies without going school. He never leaves his studies and gave examination through open school and pass out his intermediate with good marks.



“It’s hard to watch my son not being able to do simple things after dialysis, but Kabir is determined to live life and continue his treatments at the dialysis center. If he can do that, then anyone can also.


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