Know The Risk factors of CKD Before Gets Too Late

Divya Tripathi

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CKD or chronic kidney disease or chronic kidney failure is the condition where your kidney started to lose its functionality gradually. Kidney plays a vital role to keep us healthy and fit, as it filters our blood and through the waste material out via urine.


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If our kidney doesn’t work properly then the waste mix in our body and the important nutrients go out through urine. It can make us ill, so it’s better to get aware of the risk factor of  CKD and prevent yourself from such a deadly disease.


Risk factors for CKD




Diabetes is one of the biggest risk factors of CKD and one of the most common causes of kidney failure. Being active, healthy diet and proper medication may help you to manage your diabetes and also help you to prevent health problems such as kidney damage.


High blood pressure


High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors of CKD, it increases your risk for chronic kidney disease and it can also lead to kidney failure. If you keep your blood pressure under control then it can prevent kidney disease, or help keep it from getting worse.


Family history


Your family health history is an important aspect of CKD. You are more prone to get kidney disease if you have a family history of chronic kidney disease.




Being over age 60 is also a risk factor for CKD. As you get older, your kidneys do not work the way when they were younger. Older people are also more prone to diabetes and hypertension which are the two main leading causes of kidney failure. If your age is 60 or more than that, ask your doctor how often you should be tested for signs of kidney disease.


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Heart Condition


Do you know that heart disease is one of the risk factors of chronic kidney disease? When the heart is not able to pump blood properly, then the kidney has to do extra work to purify it, which can lead to chronic kidney disease.


Alcohol consumption


Alcohol and other drug consumption abuse are one of the major risk factors of CKD. The high consumption leads to kidney failure.


High risks involved


CKD can end up in a lot of risk from the disease. It can lead to diabetes and also blood pressure problems. So, get your doctor’s help to see if you are suffering from the Kidney or not.




Here, we have discussed the risk factors of CKD, these are the factors can lead to such a chronic disease. If you are the one who comes under these factors so take proper precaution to prevent yourself. You cal also discuss to our doctor to know how frequently you need to go for the kidney test.


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