5 Ordinary Health Conditions That Affect Your Kidneys

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Your kidneys are clench hand-measured organs situated at the base of your rib confine, on the two sides of your spine. They performed various tasks. They filter waste items, excess water, and different contaminations from your blood. These waste items are put away in your bladder and later ousted through pee.


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But there are some health conditions that can affect your kidneys. So, let’s explore those and don’t let them affect our kidneys.



Diabetes is one of the most common and leading health conditions that affect your kidneys and causes kidney failure. The high sugar level in the blood makes it difficult for them to clean your blood. That is why your body holds more salt and water than it should, it means more waste stores in your system. Nerve damage due to diabetes can make urine back up and harm your kidneys through pressure or infection.


Anorexia Nervosa as a health condition that affects your kidneys


People who have anorexia nervosa have an unrealistic body image. These people don’t eat sufficient food to stay at a healthy weight. The weight of such kinds of people is at least 15% less than they should. This condition can lead to a lack of water, electrolytes, as well as salt in your body. It can cause chronic kidney disease and, eventually, kidney failure. This condition is true for people who binge-eat to get rid of calories.


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High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is the force of blood flow through your body is too high. It can stretch and scar, weaken your blood vessels, including your kidneys. It doesn’t allow your kidneys from getting rid of waste the way they should. The extra fluid in your blood can increase your blood pressure, even more. The high blood pressure can be treated by proper medication and some simple lifestyle changes such as your diet, exercise habits, and stress level.


High Cholesterol


High cholesterol is also one of the health conditions that affect your condition. The high level of bad cholesterol can build up in the vessels that carry blood into and out of your kidneys. This condition can affect the working of your kidney. It also makes you prone to other diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


Urine Blockage


If there is a blockage in urine or you can’t pee, it simply means urine is backed up, and it is a health condition that affects your kidneys. It can cause pressure and lead to infection in your kidneys or some other parts of your body. An enlarged prostate, kidney stones, prostate cancer, urinary tract blood clots, bladder cancer, and colon cancer are some of the things that can cause kidney damage.




Kidneys play an important role to keep yourselves healthy. Here we have discussed the health conditions that affect your kidneys. So, take care of your kidneys and go for kidney health check especially if you have any of the above conditions.


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