Things Doctor For High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Would Tell You

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The relation between high blood pressure and diabetes is no secret. Doctors for high blood pressure and diabetes, usually treat both of these as the result and cause. We know that during the diabetic condition you tend to have high blood pressure problems as well. It is indeed necessary to see how both of them are related.


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You must have heard that high blood pressure is also considered as the “slow poison”. Most of the patients think that taking medicine is all they have to do. However, in some cases, doctors for high blood pressure and diabetes also explain how both the chronic condition together can make things very difficult for them.


Well, before understanding what can be the related things that doctor for high blood pressure and diabetes might suggest you do, here is little knowledge about both.


What is high blood pressure?


High blood pressure, also termed as hypertension, is detected when blood pressure (BP) which is measured by the circulation of blood striking the walls of arteries in the human body, rises to an intensifying level.


High blood pressure or hypertension is caused due to low oxygen level in blood reaching towards the lungs where the blood is filled with oxygen then the heart receives blood rich in oxygen and circulates it within the body through large arteries which generates pressure which can differ between low, normal and high.


What is the chronic condition of diabetes?


Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy.


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What can you expect a doctor for high blood pressure and diabetes to tell you?


Having high blood pressure raises the risk of getting a lot of medical problems. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure together, this raises your risk of health problems even more. Hence here are some things that your doctor for high blood pressure and diabetes will tell you.


1. Eat right and eat well


No secret that your food and diet play a very important role. To keep diabetes in control and also making sure that high blood pressure is under control, You have to see you eat right.


2. Keep track of the numbers


From your insulin levels to your blood pressure, a doctor for high blood pressure and diabetes will always recommend keeping a good track of both these numbers. These help keep your health on track. Once going through chronic conditions, you must maintain your health in a specific way.


3. Check how insulin is affecting your body


Very important, you must see how and to what extent the insulin taking is affecting your blood pressure. As we have already mentioned in some of our blogs, it is necessary to keep your insulin at a level that you do not suffer from High blood pressure.


4. Keep yourself on the move


Being active makes your maintenance as well as staying away from disease easy, and hence you must do some of the other forms of exercise every day. Jog or Walk or do a 30 min exercise routine, Yoga works too. Do not sit and gain weight which is both a curse when suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.


If you have diabetes, your doctor will want to be sure that your blood pressure is very well controlled. This means that they will probably want your blood pressure to be below 130 over 80.


People with diabetes and high blood pressure are sometimes given the blood pressure medicines known as ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers because they are thought to help protect the kidneys. However, other blood pressure medicines can also be used. For any further information or to book a doctor’s appointment, you can download our app or visit our website.


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