High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease: Relationship can Lead to Kidney Failure

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We hardly pay attention to the fact that different body elements might be responsible for affecting each other. The proper functioning of the heart is necessary to keep the rest of the organs work properly as well. Similarly, conditions like High blood pressure affect organs like our Kidney. One might not have an idea that High blood pressure and Kidney disease are interconnected.


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High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease



You might be confused about how is High blood pressure and Kidney disease related to each other. kidneys are used to purify our blood. They are the main responsible organs to remove waste and unnecessary fluids from our blood to keep the body healthy. In this process, kidneys require the assistance of the blood vessels. Blood vessels are the medium through which blood circulates in the body. These are used vigorously and hence when the person suffers from high blood pressure, vessels are ruptured and Kidney failure can take place. It is for a fact the second-highest leading cause for kidney failure.



A related disease that might also be a cause of concern due to high blood pressure and kidney disease is Renal Hypertension. Renal hypertension, which is also known as renovascular hypertension, is increased blood pressure caused by kidney disease. It can usually be controlled by taking prescribed blood pressure drugs. Some people with renal hypertension can be helped by surgery on the blood vessels of the kidney.



The other most common suffering is Kidney failure. As mentioned above those individuals who suffer from high blood pressure are more prone to Kidney failures at an early age. It, therefore, becomes important that blood pressure levels are kept at an appropriate level and does not lead to more complexities.


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Major Complexities:



a) Lack of blood filtration by the kidneys: The nephrons that are small finger-like blood filters are not able to purify the blood as they are expected to or in an efficient manner. This leads to toxication of blood and adds on to further body complications. When the arteries become damaged, the nephrons do not receive the required amount of oxygen and nutrients the kidneys lose their ability to filter blood.



b) Unregulated blood pressure: High blood pressure and Kidney diseases can result in unbalanced blood pressure in the human body. This adds to blocked arteries in the kidney and finally kidney failure.



In order to avoid these conditions, doctors recommend that high blood pressure is taken care of by adopting certain important habits which include a good and nutritious diet and exercise. There are other ways as well:



a)Minimize the amount of salt taken in as it is known to increase your blood pressure.


b)Reduce weight if overweight or you are obese.


c)Exercise on a regular basis.


d)Quit smoking as it increases blood pressure and also leads to damage to the arteries.


e)Keep your cholesterol level low


It is now explained how High blood pressure and Kidney disease are interlinked to each other and might affect the normal functioning of the body. Kidneys are an important organ and no risk should be taken in case one feels that something is wrong. It is important that you consult a doctor if you feel that High blood pressure is leading to any further complications. You can find good doctors and qualified health experts at our site for further assistance.


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