The New Process Could Delay Menopause By Up to 20 Years

Anju Bisht

, News


The new process could delay menopause, thanks to a new medical procedure launched by the same scientist who developed IVF now women can delay the menopause by up to 20 years.


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According to doctor’s claim, the operation could benefit thousands of women who experience serious health problems that are brought on by the menopause, including heart conditions and osteoporosis.



Not only the same new process could delay menopause but also help improve the lives of millions of women by delaying the onset of more common symptoms of the menopause that specialists believe, which range from hot flushes and memory problems to anxiety and a reduced sex drive.



The costs between £7,000 and £11,000 are being offered to women up to the age of 40 through ProFam (Protecting Fertility and Menopause), a company founded by four world-renowned experts, including Simon Fishel, an IVF doctor.



Up until now, 9 women have had the procedure which tricks their biological clocks. The operation of 30-minute involves keyhole surgery to remove a piece of ovarian tissue, which is then sliced up and frozen to preserve it. When a woman enters the menopause the frozen tissue is then thawed out and grafted back into the body. Provided the ovarian tissue survives, it should restore the woman’s declining sex hormones and the new process could delay menopause.



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