What Is A Healthy Oxygen Level, Know Here

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Your healthy oxygen level depends on how much oxygen in your red blood cells is carrying and you can measure your blood oxygen level with a pulse oximeter. The human body closely regulates the blood oxygen level. You have to maintain the accurate balance of oxygen-saturated blood that is vital to your health.


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Many children, adults, and older people don’t need to monitor their blood oxygen level. Even many doctors do not check it unless you’re showing these signs such as shortness of breath or chest pain.


Before the pandemic, many children, adults, and older people were not required to monitor their healthy oxygen level. Even many doctors did not monitor it until he\she shown shortness of breath or chest pain. But in the current time, it is the most important.


What Is A Healthy Oxygen Level?



A healthy oxygen saturation level is between 94 to 100. “In case a person’s SpO2 level falls below 92, then it could be very dangerous, and you have to immediate needs to seek medical attention.


What Is A Low Oxygen Level?


If your oxygen level falling down then it may lead to hypoxemia. It is a condition when the oxygen level is consistently getting low then it can lead to the death of the affected person or organ damage, if not treated properly and on time. The doctor says that the cut-off for Covid patients is 94 percent.


What are the Causes of low Healthy Oxygen Level?


The healthy oxygen level can get low due to any of these problems that include:



  • Pneumonia


  • Bronchitis


  • Pulmonary edema


  • Pulmonary fibrosis


  • Interstitial lung disease


  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)


  • Damage of the air sacs in the lung (Emphysema)


  • Viral infections such as COVID-19


  • Pneumothorax: It is a condition when leaking of air in the space between the lung and chest wall.


  • Low air oxygen levels: This situation happens in the mountainous region when the atmospheric oxygen becomes extremely low at high altitudes.


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What happens when your healthy oxygen level is too low?


In case, a person’s blood oxygen level is getting low then they might feel any of the below symptoms:


  • Sudden chest pain


  • Confusion


  • Dizziness


  • Headache



  • Shortness of breath


  • Visual disorders


  • Rapid heartbeat


  • Lack of coordination


If you feel continue low blood oxygen levels, then do not ignore it, you have to immediately consult with your health expert.

How can you measure healthy oxygen level?


Arterial blood gas: It is a type of blood test, that helps to measures your blood’s oxygen level.


Pulse oximeter: It is a noninvasive device that estimates the amount of oxygen in your blood. Pulse oximeter reading indicates what is the percentage of your blood is saturated, which is known as the SpO2 level.


How To Maintain A Healthy Oxygen Level?



If your blood oxygen level is too low, you have to boost your oxygen saturation. You have to quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, and change your lifestyle which helps to manage your oxygen level. Your health expert gives better advice according to health.




If you are suffering from any health problems, then you have to regularly check the oxygen level. For this, you can also use a pulse oximeter. If the doctor requires a more accurate measurement, then they can also suggest for ABG test.


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