11 Lifestyle Diseases in India That You Should Take Seriously

Tanuja Bisht

, Health A2Z

Today most of the communicable diseases such as malaria, cholera, and polio have become manageable due to the recent advances in drugs and medicines. However, a new class of diseases has been developed known as “lifestyle diseases” such as heart disease, cancers, and diabetes, which are no longer a problem only in developed countries.


Approximately worldwide, 14.2 million people between the ages of 30 and 65 die prematurely from these diseases each year. These diseases have become larger killers than disinfectants or hereditary.


It is not limited only to adults, lifestyle diseases have begun to affect children as well. Changing purchasing power and the advent of technology have changed our lives today.


Less physical activity, more resources available and no time to waste, we have become victims of some extremely rare diseases.


Risk factors for these lifestyle diseases involve smoking, physical inactivity, and an unhealthy diet. Today we will discuss the most common lifestyle diseases that you must take seriously.




Top 11 Lifestyle Diseases in India That You Should Take Seriously


1. Obesity

Unhealthy eating habits, heavy meals, and reduced physical activity lead to obesity. An overweight person suffers from respiratory problems, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.



2. Type II Diabetes

As mentioned in the first point, obesity is a major cause of type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is the non-insulin-like form that occurs in adults due to poor eating habits and poor lifestyle choices. India has the highest number of Type II diabetics with 40.9 million.



3. Arteriosclerosis

It is a group of diseases that occur when the walls of arterial blood vessels become thicker and lose their elasticity.


Atherosclerosis occurs when fatty plaques are deposited on the arterial walls and cause circulatory disorders, chest pain, and heart attacks. It is associated with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.


About 30% to 40% of cardiovascular deaths occur between 34 and 64 years of age in India.



4. Heart Disease

Any type of abnormality or irregularity affecting the blood vessel walls and heart muscle can be defined as heart disease. Smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol contribute to its development in the body.


India leads the way in terms of cardiovascular patients with 50 million people suffering from health problems.



5. High Blood Pressure

If the value is 140/90 or higher, the BP is considered high. Hypertension is the result of a variety of reasons, such as stress, obesity, genetic factors, overuse of salt in the diet and aging.


More than 100 million people suffer from hypertension in India.



6. The Swimmer’s Ear

If you constantly use headphones and are exposed to loud music more than you should, the end result is the swimmer’s ear.


The swimmer’s ear causes inflammation, irritation or infection of the ear canal or outer ear. According to studies, about 12.5% have sustained permanent damage to their ears due to constant noise pollution.


This number is said to be increasing every year.



7. Cancer

Cancer involves any irregular and hysterical cell growth. Cancers include lung cancer due to prolonged smoking, skin cancer due to excessive sun exposure, etc.



8. Stroke

When the blood vessel that carries blood to the brain has a blockage that causes oxygen deficiency in the area of the brain to which it is conducting blood, the result is called a stroke. High blood pressure, if left untreated with the right treatment, can cause a stroke. Stroke can also be hereditary.



9. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

It is a disease characterized by progressive and permanent obstruction of the respiratory tract. Smoking and air pollutions are factors and reasons for the worsening of this disease.


There is the increase in the percentage of adults diagnosed with COPD in the last year.



10. Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis refers to a group of liver diseases. Excessive alcohol consumption and chronic hepatitis can be cited as causes.


In India, about 36,149 people die each year from cirrhosis.



11. Nephritis

When swelling occurs in the kidneys causing abnormal function, it is called nephritis. There are many causes of nephritis, one of which is an allergic reaction to a drug or antibiotic.


Apart from this, it can also be caused by bacterial infections, which can pass through unhygienic street food.





Above written all the diseases are mostly known as lifestyle diseases. The basic requirements of curing these diseases are lifestyle changes. Several types of other medications are also available but the best thing which you can do is eating healthy food, lifestyle changes and doing regular exercise.

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