How To Read An Oximeter, Important Pointers

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While suddenly the terms like SO2 and Oximeter are heard everywhere, we would tell you how to read an oximeter. Why oximeter is the most important instrument of health that should be there in your house in these times. COVID has gone out of control and India is gasping for breath.


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The oxygen we thought we had in such a huge amount is now actually in the highest demand in this country. Why is all this happening? Well, that needs another whole blog. We request you to read through the article to know more about Oximeter.


What is an Oximeter?


A pulse oximeter (pulse ox) is a non-invasive device that estimates the amount of oxygen in your blood. It is able to do this by sending infrared light into capillaries in your finger, toe, or earlobe. Then it measures how much light is reflected off the gases.


How To Read an Oximeter, Know Here



Reading an oximeter is equally important as having that in your house. You must understand some specific things in the oximeter. You must not confuse and panic because the number you thought is not the same.


Step 1: Take the working hand (left or right which you use) choose your middle finger. You may feel a small amount of pressure, but there is no pain or pinching.


Step 2: When your hands are stable only then will you get the right reading.


Step 3: You see two numbers, one is big, and the other is lower and smaller. This is oxygen to pulse readings.


Step 4: The pulse should be around 70-100 and the bigger digit should nowhere be less than 95%.


In case, there is any number or reading beyond the suggested, please make sure you see and consult your doctor right away.


Why is it important to know Oxygen Saturation levels


The oxygen gas, as we all know is the “life element”. If your body is not containing the element in a degree of say 96%, your body will degenerate.


Oxygen through blood is what flows in the body that revives the cells and helps the growth. Once, the lungs do not get oxygen, you start feeling anxious, and short breathlessness is felt.


In such a case you are going through hypoxemia, which is the deficiency of oxygen in your body. It is therefore advisable to have Oximeter in your house at all costs.


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Why Read an Oximeter to save lives?



You must be looking around you people dying, right? The mayhem for oxygen is there because people only get to know that their levels are down after there is no saving. To make sure you are rushed to hospitals at the right time, it is necessary to check regularly your oxygen levels. This could actually save lives.


Why is Oximeter necessary in every house?



The first care to be taken is in your house. If you are monitoring the levels in a regular manner, the slightest of change is caught and measures to save a life are taken right in the house itself.


Where can I find an oximeter?


You do not have to panic. Place your order with GoMedii and we promise you that we will deliver it as soon as possible. Hope this blog was useful! Stay home, stay safe.


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