7 Ways You Can Prevent STDs, Have Safe Sex

Somya Verma

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Sometimes pleasure can cost you more than the fun you had while “doing it”. What are we talking about? We are talking about you being careless when having sex. What does that mean? When you do not do it in the right way, you can have STDs (sexually transmitted disease). Do not be afraid, we have ways you can prevent STDs and have fun and safe sex.


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Are you serious about having STDs? We would not be joking about something that causes infertility and worse, deaths around the world. Why are we here giving you ways you can prevent STDs rather than just making you feel good about the wrong you are doing? So, keep calm and read along to know more about what must be done.


1) Drinking can excite you..but



You might find yourself a little tipsy and then feel funny. It is okay once or maybe twice. However, if you are an addict, you must stop. The addiction makes your immune weaker and might make you prone to such viruses that cause STDs pretty easily. Was the first among ways you can prevent STDs too harsh? Read more!


2) Do not share your towels and underclothing



Sharing such intimate clothing is a big “no-no”. Also, it is not about just STDs, in general hygiene as well, sharing your toiletries, and bathing things are not good. You must be wondering, how is it a way you can prevent STDs? Well, having sex is not the only way it spreads. Your saliva contact or even sweat can lead to such infections.


3) Get checked if you did it unprotected


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Yes, there is no excuse as to why you did it, you must remember what to do next. The way to stop the spread from harming you, you must get it checked. It is the golden rule of ways you can prevent STDs from infecting you.


4) Too Mushy? Still ask them to get tested


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Once you are getting too cozy with someone, understand that getting tested is important. Why you must ask them? Well, before having to indulge in sexual activities, you must be sure with who are you doing it. It is an infection after all.


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5) Make sure you have taken the Hepatitis B vaccine


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Why is another virus vaccine necessary? If you have not known, then AIDS spreads through blood contact which is also an STD. Also, this virus attacks your immune system, making it vulnerable to AIDS.


6) Keep basic hygiene in mind


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Do you know what is turning on other than a fit body and a clever mind? Good hygiene. Still not convinced. We can only recommend that you must bathe once before and after your sex sessions.


7) Keep it in your pants



Well, this might sound a little harsh but it is true. Having multiple sex partners tends to increase the chances of you having STD infections.


We have given you enough ideas on ways you can prevent STDs. In case you have any further issues, you can always read more on our website. Above that, you can order online medicines if you have any other issues! Take care and stay safe!


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