Tips To Fighting The Escape Mutant In COVID

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

Everyone is talking about something called Escape mutant in Covid. Well, they are nothing but coronavirus that cannot be detected or is hard to detect and is growing. It has caused a great deal of havoc in India. It is here that it becomes important that we tell you, why you should be aware more about this one.


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There was this confidence that our immune system can tackle the virus well, but now the virus is very different than the first one. How is that? How you must protect yourself? What should be done? We have all your answers.


Why do we call it Escape Mutant in COVID?


Escape Mutant In COVID, Immunosuppression in COVID-19, COVID, COVID Vaccination


Let us explain to you something called “Immunosuppression in COVID-19″. This is the fact that the current mutation just tries its best to escape and does not get defeated by our immune system also. This is why it is called escape mutant. You might have also heard the term ” variants of concern (VOCs)”. It is actually the same thing. We are here to tell you the few things that you can do to keep yourself safe and also your loved ones.


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What must you do to fight to escape mutant in COVID?


Escape Mutant In COVID, Immunosuppression in COVID-19, COVID, COVID Vaccination


We do not want you to panic at all. You can just try these few things and make sure that you are safe and secure from the escape mutants at all costs.


1. Do Not Hesitate from Vaccination


Your one-way ticket to getting out of this is VACCINATION. Please do not hesitate to get vaccinated. Escape mutants in Covid can affect you in unknown ways. If you have antibodies that you get after vaccination, you can be all strong and happy to fight COVID. So, go register on COWIN.


2. “2 Gajj Ki durri, hai zaroori”


We are sure your caller tunes hear this every time you try calling someone. Why is that happening? It is because you need to apply social distancing in your life right now. We know that it is terribly annoying that you are not meeting your friends, but if they are your friends they will want you to stay safe.


3. “Jab tak dawai nahi, tab tak koi dhilayee nahi”


Yet another way to fight the escape mutant in COVID. How? Well, this is not a piece of brand new information that COVID is infectious, hence, one has to make sure not to take chances.


Offices have allowed you to do work from home, and in case not, then we are sure all the protocols and rules are managed. Hence, you can always, stay home or at the office and stay safe! Do not loiter around.


4. Take care of your immunity


Make sure that you are all healthy and eating well. It is just a virus and your body is capable if you make it capable. Your immunity is your sword to kill this escape mutant in Covid. So you better take care of it in the best way possible.


5. The right information


We can easily panic because of the news we hear around. The deaths have scared everyone, but you need to get the right information. Do not panic unnecessarily. It will only make things worse. Also, make sure you have enough positivity around you!


This fight against the Escape mutant in Covid is not easy but giving up is not an option. What must be done then? It is time we make sure that only keeping ourselves safe is not enough, we must come together (FROM A DISTANCE) to save the world.


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