Know the Cause, Symptoms and Spider Vein Removal Treatment

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The thin red lines or weblike networks of blood vessels that appear on the skin of your legs and feet it is called spider veins. There are various options for spider vein removal treatment. It usually harmless, but sometimes it can sometimes cause aching, burning, or pain, especially when you’ve been standing for a long time. Spider veins can be blue, purple, or red and sometimes also refer to them as thread veins.


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Causes Of Spider Veins


It occurs when the valves inside the veins are not working properly. Your veins carry blood back to the heart. To prevent your blood from flowing backward, and it can contain a one-way valve that closes once the blood passes through it.


In case this valve weakens or becomes damaged, then the blood flow struggles to flow in the correct direction, and it can also begin to pool inside the vein. It can cause a swollen in the vein that branches out. You don’t need to worry about it the spider vein removal treatment is available.


Spider veins can also occur on the face are often the result of tiny blood vessels bursting. When increased the pressure or sun damage can cause this to occur. These factors are also including:


  • Hormonal shifts


  • Heredity


  • Pregnancy


  • Weight fluctuation


  • Occupations or activities that require prolonged sitting or standing


Symptoms Of Spider Veins


When we are talking about the Spider veins so they are usually small, but varicose veins are larger and deeper than the spider veins. They can also appear twisted or lumpy and are usually flesh-colored or red. So there are two types of veins spider and varicose. When it comes to spider vein removal treatment then this decision is taken by the doctor when they will closely examine the patient’s condition.


Symptoms of varicose are depending on their severity, these may include:


  • Bleeding


  • Itchiness


  • Pain


  • Sometimes swelling of the legs or ankles


  • You feel achy or heavy in the legs



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Spider Vein Removal Treatment




In this procedure, the doctor will inject an irritant directly into the affected vein. It can reduce swelling and cause the vein to shrink. After some time the spider vein fades or vanishes. Other treatments may be necessary to obtain the desired results.


Laser treatment


Causes Of Spider Veins, Spider Vein Removal Treatment, Symptoms Of Spider Veins, Sclerotherapy, Laser treatment, Endovenous laser therapy


Your healthcare professional can also suggest laser treatment for spider veins that are smaller than 3 millimeters and close to the surface of the skin. The laser is a strong, focused beam of light that helps causes the spider vein to clot and dry up.


Endovenous laser therapy


Causes Of Spider Veins, Spider Vein Removal Treatment, Symptoms Of Spider Veins, Sclerotherapy, Laser treatment, Endovenous laser therapy


It is the latest and newer procedure a doctor makes a small incision in the affected vein and then inserts a laser fiber. This laser applies heat directly to the vein and then it collapses.


Does The Treatment Really Work?


Causes Of Spider Veins, Spider Vein Removal Treatment, Symptoms Of Spider Veins, Sclerotherapy, Laser treatment, Endovenous laser therapy


For Spider Vein Removal Treatment, your doctor injects the veins with a solution that scars and closes those veins, causing the blood to reroute through healthier veins. Yes, it works and in a few weeks, treated spider veins fade. Sometimes, the same vein may need to be injected more than once. Generally, sclerotherapy is very effective but you have to do it in a correct manner.


Can Spider Veins Heal By It Self?


Spider veins will not go away by itself and in most cases, they do not cause much of a problem but they can tend to get worse over time. So spider vein removal treatment is available you can also talk to our doctors.




So the spider veins are a result of damaged veins or burst blood vessels. It usually, painless and do not cause health issue, still some people may wish to treat them for cosmetic reasons.


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