Twin Pregnancy Belly Secrets, Revealed Right Here

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There is no greater happiness in life for a woman to get the honor of being a mother. It is not only the most precious moment, it is also a feeling that cannot be compared to the greatest material achievement in life. Yet when you see a possibility of a twin pregnancy belly what do you do?


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Though you hardly have an idea until and unless you get your scan done. We however feel it is like you had wanted one source of happiness but you got two! Now, that is how God rewards you with happiness right?


What is different about the Twin pregnancy belly?



Twin Pregnancy Belly, twin pregnancy, pregnant with twins, types of twins, Identical twins, Nonidentical


Well, the first thing that we would like to remind you the size of your belly. Yes, it is obvious that a larger belly is among the first indicators that you might be carrying twins. It is your twin pregnancy belly that must ring your bell to get the scans done and understand that there are two fetuses? If yes, then all we have to say is Congratulations!


How do you look before and after having a twin pregnancy belly?


Twin Pregnancy Belly, twin pregnancy, pregnant with twins, types of twins, Identical twins, Nonidentical


The body goes a lot under a normal pregnancy, while there is no “major” change when pregnant with two kids, but then the body goes through something different. Let us make it simple for you. Instead of giving nutrition to one kid, now you will be feeding two off your blood and skin.


Does this not mean you need more nutrition and more food to support your kids inside? YES! IT DOES!


How long does it take to tell if you’re having twins?


This process is highly dependent on the stages when the fetus actually gets detached from the fetus that was originally created in the case of identical twins and while the fraternal ones need the time for the sperm to fertilize the different eggs.


Can you tell if you’re pregnant with twins?


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There is no theory or magical potion to tell and say such. There is not much science to support it. However, some moms of twins report feeling movement earlier and more frequently in pregnancy, sometimes as early as the first trimester.

It might even be their first clue that there are more than just two tiny hands and two tiny feet waving around in the womb.


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What should I do in order to get pregnant with twins?


Twin Pregnancy Belly, twin pregnancy, pregnant with twins, types of twins, Identical twins, Nonidentical


One of the major aspects that increase such a chance is through IVF. It is, however, not something that happens biologically, it is under medical supervision. Let us give you some important aspects which command or might work for you to get pregnant with twins.


1) Family history


If your genetics supports then there are high chances that you and your partner both with a history of twins in the family can get pregnant with a twin as well. If you are so eager to have one, Fingers Crossed!


2) Age


The age factor in pregnancy is most underrated. One must understand that body is only healthy to give life from a certain age to a certain age. Hence, the age factor must be taken under great care.


How can a woman give birth to twins?


A woman can give birth to twins depending upon the fusion or say the fertilization that has happened in the womb of the mother. Conception happens when a sperm fertilizes an egg to form an embryo. However, if there are two eggs present in the womb at the time of fertilization or the fertilized egg splits into two separate embryos, a woman can become pregnant with twins.


There are two types of twins:


Identical twins


This type of pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg splits into two separate embryos. These embryos are monozygotic, which means that they have identical genes. Identical twins are the same sex as each other and look very alike.




This type of pregnancy occurs when there are two eggs present in the womb at the time of fertilization.   These embryos are dizygotic, which means that they do not have identical genes and may not be of the same sex.


Fraternal twins are common after fertility treatment. It is caused healthcare professionals often place two fertilized embryos into a woman’s womb to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.


How painful is it to give birth to twins?



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Pregnancy as beautiful a phase in life might be is also a great deal of happy pain that the mother has to go through. We are not making it sound like a big task, but giving birth is not a joke.


Producing and bringing one soul to life takes a lot, so the moment it gets double, the pain is double too. We can only tell the mommies with twin pregnancy belly, stay strong!


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