Symptoms Of Moebius Syndrome, Know What It Is

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Moebius syndrome is a rare congenital condition that results from the underdevelopment of the facial nerves that control some of the eye movements and facial expressions. It affects generally babies, you should know the symptoms of Moebius syndrome and it is also called Möbius syndrome. It may also affect the nerves responsible for speech, chewing, and swallowing.


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Symptoms Of Moebius Syndrome



  • Short tongue


  • Cleft palate



  • High palate


  • Irritated and dry eyes


  • Motor delays


  • Trouble in swallowing


  • Eyelids that don’t completely close, even during sleep


  • Weakness or complete paralysis of the facial muscles


  • Difficulties with speech and frequent drooling


  • Inability to form facial expressions, including smiling, raising eyebrows, puckering lips, or closing eyes


  • Hand and foot problems including club foot and missing or fused fingers (syndactyly)


  • Strabismus (also known as crossed eyes)


  • Poland syndrome (one of the large muscles of the chest part is missing)


Causes Of Moebius Syndrome


When we are talking about the exact cause of Moebius syndrome is not known. According to the researchers many other rare conditions. Moebius syndrome is most likely caused by many different factors (multifactorial). Genetics has been implicated in some studies. Till now more research is needed.


It has rarely occurred in families, it can be a genetic component in some cases. The majority of this syndrome cases may develop randomly in people with no family history. As we told you the symptoms of Moebius syndrome, in case you feel any of these symptoms then you have to immediately talk to your doctor.


How Common It Is?



So the exact incidence of Moebius syndrome is unknown. But according to researchers, the estimated condition affects 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 500,000 newborns.


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How to Diagnose?



To diagnose a doctor will ask you about the symptoms of Moebius syndrome, if you feel any symptoms then you have to tell your doctor. Currently, no diagnostic tests confirm a diagnosis of Moebius syndrome. There are some specialized tests that may be suggested and performed by the doctor to rule out other causes of facial palsy.


Treatment Of Moebius Syndrome


Those who have Moebius syndrome then they will have different needs. Till now, there’s no definitive treatment or cure for the condition, but the doctor’s team will help coordinate care for people with Moebius syndrome.

The diagnosis by the doctor can usually be made at birth or soon after this, most of the time such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy made early.

An ophthalmologist takes an eye exam and they can also help to address vision problems. In case, hearing is also impaired, then you have to also consult with an audiologist.


Other specialists may also involve in care:


  • Pediatric surgeons


  • Plastic surgeons


  • Orthopedists


  • Neurologists


  • Psychiatrists


  • Maxillofacial surgeons


  • Respiratory specialists


  • Ear, nose, and throat specialists


In some cases surgery can be required to help the correct strabismus (crossed eyes) or to transfer nerves and muscle to the face, to improve the ability to smile. The doctor also refers to reconstructive surgery that also helps address facial, limb, and jaw differences.


If Someone Have Moebius syndrome Then What Is The Life Expectancy?


If someone has Moebius syndrome then they needed a continued proper medical care, who do not have serious life-threatening complications in their first year of life, then it usually has a normal life expectancy.




It is a rare neurological condition that affects several cranial nerves, particularly those that control the muscles of the face. The absence of these nerves leads to the characteristic facial paralysis and other symptoms of Moebius syndrome.


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