Top 8 Common Dental Problems

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Most people stay concerned regarding their overall health as all it requires is one mishandling or carelessness to give birth to a fatal and chronic disease. In the human body, each and every organ and part is essential and requires a lot of care.


Maintaining dental hygiene or oral health is another crucial habit that everyone must adopt otherwise many potential dental problems might begin to occur. Below find a curated list of possible dental problems along with the methods of prevention and treatment.


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Top 8 Common Dental Problems

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is of the most common dental problem which occurs due to the plaque which appears on the tooth, reacts with sugar or starch present in the food we consume and damages the enamel of the tooth.

This problem is not very critical in its initial stage but becomes painful later. In order to prevent it brush your teeth twice a day at least and keep visiting a dentist regularly.



2. Bad Breath

This is the most common problem which must have caused embarrassment to many who have suffered. Bad breath which is also called halitosis is considered to be caused by diseases like gum disease, cavities, oral cancer, dry mouth, and bacteria on the tongue. It can be prevented by curing the responsible disease.



3. Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are not much critical often but if not cured within a week or two then they become a subject of worrying. Canker sores are the most common kind of sores out of multiple kinds of mouth sores. These sores are small and trivial at the initial stage but become pesky and unbearable later. Doctor’s consultation is suggested in case of criticality.



4. Gum Disease

Gum disease, also termed as periodontal, is the damage and infection in the gum which binds and surrounds the teeth together. After the age of 30 the risks of gum disease increases which makes periodontal dental problems prone to tooth loss. Flossing, twice a day brushing and regular check us will keep you away from gum disease.



5. Oral Cancer

This is the most chronic and critical condition that arouses due to tobacco abuse or some other drug abuse which impacts mouth. This disease acquired more than 10 million worldwide every year with symptoms like sores, lumps, or rough areas in the mouth. Avoid tobacco and alcohol abuse to prevent this disease.



6. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is not a dangerous dental problem yet has extremely annoying and troublesome symptoms. This condition affects millions with symptoms of pain and discomfort around the sensitive teeth whenever something cold, warm, hot or sweet is consumed. Tooth sensitivity is also a risk factor of a cracked tooth or tooth abscess. Doctor’s consultation is recommended in this condition.


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7. Enamel Degradation

This happens due to the consumption of acidic drinks or foods like soft fizzy cold-drinks and carbonated drinks which causes erosion of tooth. The attack of acid wears down the enamel which causes discomfort, an unhealthy smile, and roughness. To treat this problem start with using a soft brush and switch to a sensitive teeth friendly toothpaste.



8. Dry Mouth

This dental problem is also called xerostomia. This condition is developed due to lack of saliva in the mouth which is not much critical but leads to the problem like absorption of essential saliva and lubrication excretion which promotes mouth hygiene and cleanliness. Dry mouth is caused due to side effects of some drugs or medication which causes dryness so to cure the problem, switch to a different medication.





Oral health is very crucial as we learned that a little carelessness can cause the major dental problems so always brush twice a day, consume a good amount of calcium and use floss.


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