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As we are aware the kidney is the most important organ of the human body because it removes waste material and excess fluid from our body, and these waste products and excess fluid are removed through the urine. But as we get older, sometimes our kidneys aren’t able to work properly and you have some chronic kidney diseases, but you can reduce the risk of kidney disease. We will tell you some golden tips.


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How to Reduce The Risk Of Kidney Disease


Control your blood pressure


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In case you are a blood pressure patient then you have to manage your blood pressure. It can increase your risk of kidney failure.


Drink enough water


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If you want to reduce the risk of kidney disease then you have to drink enough water per day. You can also ask your doctor how much water you should drink per day.


Don’t smoke


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If you are a smoker then it can reduce the blood flow to your kidneys. It can damage your kidney function. This tip will reduce the risk of kidney disease.


Manage your blood sugar


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In case you have diabetes then it can also increase your risk for heart disease and kidney failure, so you have to also manage or control your blood sugar.


Keep Maintain a healthy weight


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When you’re overweight, then it can also be one of the reasons for kidney disease. So you have to choose the right food that helps to maintain your weight.


Exercise daily


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If you want to reduce the risk of kidney disease you have to exercise daily, such as swimming, walking, and running, which can also help to reduce stress and manage diabetes and high blood pressure.


Reduce your salt intake



Most people eat too much salt then which can lead a high blood pressure and is also harmful to your kidneys. Doctors recommended sodium intake is 5-6 grams of salt per day.


These tips will help you to reduce the risk of kidney disease, you should also know what are the different types of kidney disease.


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What Are Types of Kidney Disease?


  • Kidney failure (Acute kidney failure and Chronic kidney failure)


  • Kidney Stone


  • Polycystic kidney disease



  • Urinary tract infections


  • Glomerulonephritis


So these are the types of Kidney disease and it can occur at any age, and your bad lifestyle can increase the risk of kidney diseases. But you should also know the symptoms of kidney disease.


What Are the Signs of Kidney Disease?


  • Trouble sleeping


  • Fatigue


  • Nausea


  • Vomiting


  • Muscle cramping



  • Lose appetite


  • Swelling in your ankles and feet


  • Frequent urination, especially late at night


  • You are not able to focus on your work



What Foods Can Reduce The Risk Of Kidney Disease?


We told you some tips that can reduce the risk of kidney disease but you can add some healthy foods that can improve and make your kidney healthy:




  • Cranberries


  • Red bell peppers






  • Onions


  • Red grapes



How to diagnose Kidney Disease?


To diagnose the kidney disease, a doctor will suggest any of the below mentioned tests:


  • Ultrasound or computed tomography (CT) Scan
  • Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)
  • Blood creatinine test
  • Urine test


So the doctor will suggest any of these tests and then they will decide which treatment is required for the patient.




The kidney performs various functions in the human body, if you feel any of these symptoms in your body you should immediately meet your doctor and they will give you the right advice according to the patient’s health.


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