Genital Warts Treatment In Delhi : A Better Option for Better Care

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Warts can appear anywhere on the body from time to time. Sometimes you notice a small rough bump on your hand that wasn’t there before. And the next thing you know, it’s gone. Sometimes warts can be just that easy to deal with. Genital warts, on the other hand, are a completely different story.


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They are caused by a virus known as the human papillomavirus or HPV and can even lead to cancer. And guess what? HPV is sexually transmitted. So if you’re a patient of this condition, read on to know why you should pursue genital warts treatment in Delhi through GoMedii.


International patients can pursue an instant appointment or consultation regarding Genital warts treatment in Delhi. Just drop us a query on our website or contact us on WhatsApp (+91 9654030724). Patients may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Pursuing a Better Genital Wart Treatment


Genital warts can be a difficult condition to deal with. They can be itchy and painful, and worse, they can spread. Women tend to be more susceptible to genital warts, and it can cause complications especially in the case of a pregnancy. Not only that, for both men and women, genital warts can be difficult to live with and affect psychological and emotional wellbeing.


Treating genital warts today is much safer and painless where the appropriate treatments are available. Today it is possible to get the treatments and diagnostic tests you need and catch genital warts before they become worse or even cancerous.


However, these treatments are state of the art, technologically advanced, and thus, extremely expensive around the world. For a family living in the United States, it may not be a problem.


However, a middle-class family international patient from a country such as Cambodia, South Sudan, Afghanistan, or Nigeria?


Countries such as these lack the appropriate healthcare services to deal with such conditions effectively.

For international patients from such a country, pursuing treatment in Europe or the US can drain life savings. But at the same time, living with a condition such as genital warts is worse!

Sounds harrowing, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. There is a solution.


Genital warts treatment in Delhi with GoMedii


How do you strike the balance between world-class treatments, yet at affordable costs? That’s easy, with GoMedii in India of course!


India today is a hub of world-class medical treatments and has made major strides in modern healthcare. Whether it is invasive or technologically intensive treatments and surgeries, India houses some of the world’s most talented healthcare professionals. Treatment for genital warts is one such treatment that international patients can pursue in India for a fraction of international costs.


“But what about visa? Travel? Accommodation? And even doctor appointments? That too in a country I know nothing about?”

You’re probably asking, just as many of our potential patients have asked in the past.

But that is where GoMedii, your global treatment partner comes in.


At GoMedii, we help international patients come to India for the treatments they need. And as a global treatment partner, we take care of everything for our partner patients. All our patients need to do is follow our instructions and come to India for a holistic and therapeutic medical experience.


Read on to know how GoMedii does this, and as a patient, what you can expect with Genital warts treatment in Delhi.


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What are Genital Warts?


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Genital warts are a condition caused by a sexually transmitted infection of HPV or Human Papillomavirus. In appearance, they are small bumps or cauliflower-like growths that appear on the moist membrane around male or female genitals. Some strains of HPV can even cause cancerous conditions.


Genital warts can be so small that they are invisible to the naked eye, or large enough to be visible and even cause cancer.


Today over 100 strains of HPV exist.

HPV related genital warts can cause warts or cancer in the following body parts:


  • Anus
  • Penis
  • Vagina
  • Vulva
  • Back of Throat (Oropharyngeal Carcinoma)


The main medium that HPV infections spread through is sexual or skin-to-skin contact. Vaccines and medication can help against a majority of HPV strains.


For further doubts regarding HPV and genital warts, patients are encouraged to ask questions during their online/ on-call consultation with their doctor through GoMedii, prior to the patient’s journey for Genital warts treatment in Delhi


How Do I Know I Need Genital Warts Treatment?


Genital warts are not always easily identifiable by the naked eye. When they are, it’s easy to tell. If they aren’t, best get tested.

Sexually active adults, especially those with multiple partners are significantly more susceptible to genital warts.

The appearance of warts depends on the strain of HPV involved.  Visually, genital warts are usually of three types:


  • Flat lesions
  • Cauliflower-shaped bumps
  • Stem-shaped protrusions


Genital warts appear around the vulva, anus, cervix, or within the vagina in women. In men, warts can appear on the penis, scrotum, or around the anus. Genital warts can also infect the mouth or throat in a case where the patient has had oral sexual contact with someone who was infected.


Genital warts may cause tenderness and itching. However, are less likely to be painful initially.

Other signs and symptoms that can help patients understand if they have genital warts include:


  • Brown or pink swellings in the patient’s genital area
  • Itching or discomfort in the genital area
  • Bleeding during intercourse
  • Large visible clusters of genital warts


International patients can pursue an instant appointment or consultation regarding Genital warts treatment in Delhi for just $20 USD. Just drop us a query on our website or contact us on WhatsApp (+91 9654030724). Patients may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


What Tests Can Help Diagnose Genital Warts?


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Most of the time, talented surgeons or healthcare professionals (like the ones you will consult in India) can visually diagnose genital warts. When that isn’t possible to do due to the small size of warts, a few tests may be involved which may also include a biopsy. Other tests include:


Pap Smear


As per experts, it is important for women over the age of 21 to have a Pap smear test once every 3-5 years. The test can catch abnormal changes in the vagina, or cervix and detect the early onset of cervical cancer.


HPV Test


The cervical cells extracted during a Pap smear can be tested for cancerous HPV. However, this test only makes sense for women over the age of 30. Prior to that, HPV tends to diminish without treatment.

Further testing includes vision testing, a study of the patient’s history and sexual activity, and further examination of the patient for related STDs.

For visually testing smaller genital warts, doctors may use a mild vinegar solution to highlight warts in the case of both male and female patients. A biopsy of the patient’s cervical tissue will also help doctors examine the tissue under a microscope to check for cancer-causing abnormal cells.

Other than that, doctors may also check the patient for genital warts in other parts of the body or around the genital area.

For further testing, female patients may be referred to a gynecologist.


I Have Genital Warts: Your Treatment Options


So you’ve been diagnosed with HPV. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment that can kill the HPV virus that causes genital warts.

However, the situation can be controlled with surgery and medication. Also, a patient diagnosed with HPV needs periodical testing for cancer. The HPV strain the patient has contracted may not be a cancer-causing one, but it can definitely lead to it if left untreated. High-risk HPV can increase the possibility of cervical, rectal, and penile cancer. Low-risk HPV may not do so immediately, or at all.

Most cases may be treated with prescription medication, however hard to treat warts or larger warts that don’t respond to medication must be treated with surgery. Even if warts subside, recurrence of the issue is still a major problem.

Although visible genital warts may go away or maybe treated, HPV can still stick around in your cells. What that means is patients can expect more than one outbreak throughout their life.

This is why managing genital warts is important because the disease is communicable and may be passed without visible symptoms as well.

To deal with aggressive genital warts, patients can look at the following treatment options.




This treatment involves freezing off genital warts with liquid nitrogen. A blister forms around the wart. The skin heals and warts come off, allowing new skin to take its place.




An electric current is used to cauterize warts. There may be some pain and swelling after the procedure.


Incision Surgery


For this procedure, the patient will be under general anesthetic. This means that the patient will be asleep during the procedure. Afterward, the doctor will use surgical tools to remove and cut off warts.


Laser Surgery


This procedure is significantly more expensive than the rest. However, it is effective against the toughest warts and usually reserved for a condition needing such an aggressive treatment. Some scarring may be left behind post-treatment.

Genital warts can be a complicated issue to deal with. But with the proper treatments and healthcare, the condition and be managed, and further outbreaks can even be prevented.

The best way to deal with genital warts is to trust your healthcare provider and indulge in the appropriate treatments as per their instructions.

Furthermore, patients must have a conversation with their sexual partners. Between the two of you, it is important to be open about the condition. This is so your partner may be protected from getting an infection and contracting HPV from you.


Genital Warts Treatment Cost in India


Wondering how much you’ll be spending on this treatment? Don’t worry. You can afford it.

As we mentioned before, India is a well-known hub for state-of-the-art healthcare. This is especially true for international patients, who can take advantage of affordable treatment in the country.

  • Because so many of our patients can’t pursue the best genital warts treatment in their countries, GoMedii assists them in pursuing these treatments in India.
  • State-of-the-art Genital Warts Treatment may not be available in countries such as South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Cambodia where a majority of our patients are from.
  • But in India through GoMedii, patients can pursue genital warts treatment for $150 – 350 USD*.


*Costs can vary based on the patient’s condition, specialized requirements for travel to India, and other factors.


Pursue Genital warts treatment in Delhi : Call GoMedii Today


Sure, treatment through GoMedii is affordable. But that’s not the only reason that GoMedii is the go-to treatment partner in India for so many international patients.  It’s because, at GoMedii, we’re like a family.

Many of our patients may be new to the country. They may not know how to navigate the city they’re in, let alone consult a doctor. That is why at GoMedii, we do something others rarely do. For our international patient’s we take care of everything!

For you and one person traveling with you, GoMedii takes care of appointments, treatment, accommodations close to the hospital, visa services, etc.

It’s almost like you’re visiting family away from home, who pamper you and take care of everything for you. This is why with our patients we end up forming lasting relationships because they leave feeling like truly a part of a family away from home.


Find out more about Genital warts treatment in Delhi and get a consult through GoMedii for just $20 USD. Patients may drop us a query on our website or contact us on WhatsApp (+91 9654030724). Patients may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will connect with you at the earliest.


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