Know The Causes Of Breathing Difficulty During COVID-19 Crisis

Divya Tripathi

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Due to pollution, dust, and allergies, people are facing breathing difficulty. For some people who exercise and workout daily faces the same problem of shortness of breath, but they face it for some time as long as their body is tired.


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For those who suddenly suffer from shortness of breath without doing any hard work or tiredness should consult a doctor for the same, as it can be a severe health problem. Breathing difficulty is a dangerous disease, which can cause death also if not treated on time.


Disease creating breathing difficulty


Several diseases create breathing difficulty like:




Asthma is a chronic disease and causes the narrowing of airways. It varies according to people way of lifestyle as some people are allergic to a particular thing while some are allergic to dust or pollution.


Symptoms include:


  • chronic coughing



  • difficulty sleeping due to coughing or wheezing


  • tightness in the chest



Pneumonia is a contagious disease, which transfers from person to person, and it can be life-threatening as well. The infection in the lungs causes inflammation in the air sacs, which are known as alveoli. Alveoli filled with fluid and puss that makes it difficult to breathe. Pneumonia needs prompt treatment, or it can get worse.


Symptoms include:


  • nausea or vomiting


  • feelings of tiredness or fatigue


  • headaches


  • fever


  • chest pain while you breathe or cough


  • sweating or chills


  • shortness of breath


  • coughing that may produce phlegm (mucus)


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Lack of exercise or obesity


People who don’t exercise and getting obese are one of those who feel shortness of breath. If you are feeling breathing difficulty due to obesity, then start doing exercise, eat a healthy fruitful diet, to control this disease.




This is a serious life-threatening condition in which people face allergic reactions. The good thing is, it progresses quickly and have early signs and symptoms.


Some of the symptoms include:


  • trouble breathing


  • vomiting


  • tightness in the throat



  • abdominal pain


  • nausea


  • a sense of doom




Epiglottis is caused by an infection, which swells the windpipe. Due to Epiglottitis, it’s very hard to eat and breathe, as it causes severe pain. Sudden treatment is needed in this case, otherwise can cause death.


Symptoms include:



  • fever


  • blue skin


  • drooling


  • strange breathing sounds


  • hoarseness


  • chills


  • difficulty breathing and swallowing


There are several other conditions, which causes breathing difficulty like pregnancy, Heart attack, Emphysema. All these problems are interlinked with shortness of breath.


Who are at Risk?


Children are at more risk of choking than adults, while some people who smoke a lot have high chances of getting emphysema. Those who have asthma will find it difficult after exercise to breathe. Many doctors advise having a healthy diet, which can prevent breathing difficulty.




Shortness of breath can be cured by doctors. There is some common treatment which all doctors follow:


  • inhalers for asthma and other upper respiratory conditions


  • antacids for acid reflux


  • eating smaller meals for acid reflux and COPD


  • medications


  • removal of an object in the throat, in cases of choking


Doing exercises like yoga, running, cycling can help in getting good lung capacity.




Shortness of breath can be due to anything, but the most important thing is, it can be cured. Don’t avoid this disease if you are facing it at a regular interval of time. You might think that it may be because of fatigue, but you never know what can happen. So stay safe and eat a healthy diet to prevent such diseases.


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