Do You Know The Symptoms Of Asthma Attack

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Asthma is one of the dangerous disease of the lungs. This is due to the reason that the person has a lot of difficulty in breathing. So, you should know the symptoms of an asthma attack. In this disease, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed and shrunk.


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Through this tube, air reaches the lungs and we are able to breathe.  When this inflammation increases due to some reason, the muscles around the airways feel tight, and then there is difficulty in breathing.


Symptoms of an asthma Attack


During an asthma attack, you may suffer through these symptoms.


Rapid breathing


When an asthma attack occurs, the person starts rapidly breathing. They are not able to breathe; this is the most common symptoms of an asthma attack.


Frequent cough


In some cases, it is also caused by a common cold. Yet, if you have a cough all the time, then it can also be a symptom of asthma. You also feel short of breath while coughing.


Sudden chest pain or pressure


The asthma patient may also suddenly experiences chest pain, it is not necessary that he or she may experience these symptoms while running or doing any physical workout. It can be experienced even before or after the same.


Chest muscle tightness


Tightness in chest muscles usually occurs when a person has a cold due to changes in weather. However, these are also symptoms of an asthma attack that should not be ignored.


Difficulty in talking


It is rarely seen that a person suffering from asthma has difficulty in talking. Some asthma patients cough while talking, which are also symptoms of an asthma attack.


Symptoms of an asthma attack can increase rapidly in a person suffering from it, so you need to recognize these asthma symptoms so that you can get treatment immediately.


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Types of asthma


Occupational Asthma: This will happen to those people who are working in factories.


Seasonal Asthma: This attack happens in a particular season, not throughout the year.


Allergic Asthma: In allergic asthma, you may be allergic to something, such as soil and dust that causes rapid breathing.


Perennial allergy: Rhinitis is a type of allergy that is always present to a person suffering from asthma. It causes a runny nose. You may always experience a cold. That’s why you should know about the symptoms of an Asthma Attack.


What triggers the Asthma Attack?


Some people suffer from asthma due to some of their habits. Apart from this, it can also be congenital (By Birth). These are the major reason why most people are suffering from asthma.


The doctors say that usually 90 percent of asthma patients are controlled with inhalers. But few people who have this disease are very serious, they do not benefit from inhalers. Some trigger points are as follows:



  • Smoking tobacco


  • Environmental factors (pollution, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, cold temperature, high humidity)


  • Pregnancy


  • Obesity


  • Genetics


  • Tension


How to prevent from symptoms of an Asthma Attack


For home remedies for Asthma, patients should take care of some common things.


  • Asthma patients should avoid rain and cold and dusty place. In the rainy season, there is a possibility of infection due to the increase in humidity.


  • One should not live in a cold and high humidity environment; this can increase the symptoms of an asthma attack.


  • Use a face mask before going out of the house.


  • You can avoid going outside when there is mist in the winter season.


  • Avoid as much as possible from fresh paint, pesticides, sprays, incense sticks, mosquito repellent smoke, perfumed perfumes.


  • Stay away from people who smoke.


  • Apart from this, the effect of this asthma can be reduced by making changes in lifestyle and diet.




If you have any symptoms of an asthma attack in your body, then you should not ignore it. It is harmful to your health. In this situation you can consult our doctors, they can give you the best suggestion for your health.

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