Learn Ways To Boost Immunity Of Children During COVID-19

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

In this time of virus coming up as the cause of deaths, it is important that the most vulnerable of all are taken care of. Here we will give you suggestions about how to boost the immunity of children. This is because they are at a risk with a less developed immunity power. We must know that these little lives are to be saved and kept away from the virus as much as possible.


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What must be done to boost the immunity of children during COVID-19?


A lot can be done to make your kids healthier and help them gain the immunity they need. Let us start from the most difficult task, that is to give them the right kind of food!


1) Get them to like Fruits more


A great source of vitamins, fruits are a must for the little ones. You need to get them to eat those fruit salads and also juices. The vitamins build immunity. This will boost the immunity of children. Vitamin C being the immunity builder in the body. To all the mothers, you can fight the virus for your kids!


2) Stop them from throwing veggies out


You cannot let them segregate the veggies at this stage. COVID-19 hits more to those with lesser immunity levels. Hence, if the kid is removing veggies that provide so many important fibers and minerals, this will not boost the immunity of children. Make them understand, and do give them immune-boosting veggies.


3) Get them to exercise inside the house


The best way to take full advantage of the quarantine is to exercise and do more and more Yoga inside your homes. Teach and cultivate the practice of meditation among your kids in this way. Teach them the importance of routine. This will not only boost the immunity of children but also help them learn new things.


4) Fight the germs


Fighting germs doesn’t technically boost immunity, but it’s a great way to reduce stress on your child’s immune system. Make sure your kids wash their hands often—and with soap. You should pay particular attention to their hygiene before and after each meal and after playing outside, handling pets, blowing their nose, using the bathroom, and others. Help to boost the immunity of children.


5) Serve more probiotic-rich foods


Start the school year off strong by building up good gut bacteria. One great way to do this is to serve more probiotic-rich foods to the whole family. Starting in the summer, offer fermented foods like sauerkraut or kefir (which comes in lots of flavors that your kid will fingers crossed, love), or plant-based (unsweetened) yogurts mixed with fresh chopped or pureed fruit.


In the time of COVID-19, immunity is the major thing that is affected. We need to boost the immunity of children and all those who get affected by a lower immunity level.


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