What Is Black Fungus? Brace Yourself People

Shikhar Atri

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Many people are continuously losing their lives due to covid and people are very scared of it. As you all know that a new infection has been detected by Indian doctors, whose name is Black Fungus! After all, what is Black Fungus? So let’s tell you about it in detail.


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What Is Black Fungus?


Today cases of Mucormycosis or Black Fungus are increasing rapidly in India. Apart from this, it is a server new infection detected in the covid patient’s lung. It is a group of molds called micromycetes and these molds live throughout the environment. The black fungus mainly affects those people who have other health problems. It decreases the ability to fight germs and sickness. This is why people are dying more quickly.


What is Black Fungus And How Dangerous It Is



The Indian health system is struggling to save people’s lives during the pandemic. As we told you about what is black fungus. But you should also know that how dangerous it is. So it is a rare fungal infection called mucormycosis and it has recently detected in India, primarily it affects those people who are recovered and whose immune systems have been damaged by the COVID-19.


What Do You Need To Know About Mucormycosis?


Doctors said it can be very dangerous. When it left untreated then it can cause damage to the eyes, face, nose with disfigurement and a chance of loss of vision, and also cause an invasive brain infection. Due to mucormycosis, last year many patients had a loss of eyesight, remove the nose and jawbone.


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Who Has A High Risk Of Mucormycosis?



It is a deadly infection and is extremely dangerous for everyone. According to the small study, scientists concluded that COVID-19 patients with diabetes and immunodeficient that was treated with steroid drugs had a significantly increased risk of fungal infections like mucormycosis. If you want to avoid the risk of this fungus then you have to avoid the prolonged use of steroids.


You have to be very careful for yourself once you are recovered from coronavirus, you have to closely monitor your health and do not ignore any of the warning signs and symptoms. This infection is found to emerging even days, weeks, or months after recovery.


Does Black Fungus Spread To Other Body Parts?



In case your skin is infected from covid, then it looks swollen, blistered, or red. It might also turn black or you may also feel pain. This infection can also spread to other body parts through your blood and it is called disseminated mucormycosis. When this happens, the fungus can affect organs like your heart and spleen. In severe cases, you may have changes to your mental state or go into a coma. It can even be life-threatening.


What Is The Treatment For Black Fungus?


When we are talking about the treatment then, it includes anti-fungal and surgery (if it is required) to remove the affected area of the body. The doctors say during the treatment with covid patients those who have cancer, immunocompromised, elderly, and diabetic patients then they have sensible use of steroids and immunosuppressive drugs. But still, doctors are working on some unknown facts about the consequences of COVID-19 and its relationship with other diseases.


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