7 Tips To Prevent Black Fungus, Fight India

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

India is fighting with the second wave of Corona and we are seeing a rise in a new fungal infection. The Black Fungus. It is thus important to know the Tips to Prevent Black Fungus which can help us save ourselves from this rare but deadly disease. You must be aware of the causes and Symptoms of Black Fungus as well. It is important and we will tell you.


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What is Black Fungus?



Black Fungus which is technically known as Mucormycosis is a very rare infection. It is caused by exposure to mucor mold which is commonly found in soil, plants, manure, and decaying fruits and vegetables.


What should I do for tips to prevent black fungus?



Black fungus is actually affecting the COVID patients after they are recovering. So, you have to know where it is affecting them. What might be the causes of the Black fungus and how can you follow tips to prevent black Fungus.


How does Black Fungus affect Humans?


It affects the sinuses, the brain, and the lungs and can be life-threatening in diabetic or severely those who have very weak immune system individuals, such as cancer patients or people with HIV/AIDS.


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Tips to prevent Black Fungus After COVID


Let’s now tell you exactly, what must be done as tips to prevent Black Fungus. Follow us through this with all your mind.


1. Avoid recovering from Steroids


A lot of people in panic can just opt for steroids, even if the need is not present. This is because the steroids reduce your immunity power which ends up making you vulnerable to Black Fungus.


2. If you are Diabetic, do this


Check your Sugar!!!! You don’t understand the spike which steroids can bring. You don’t know how it will lead to the knots in the lungs and then you might suffer immensely. We don’t want that! So if you wish, order the medicines and everything else from GoMedii!


3. You smoke regularly? Hello! Listen


Smokers need to keep themselves in better check. This is because the lungs once infected is anyway a big issue. Do we really need to tell what harm have you been doing to your lungs all this long?


4. Keep Check On the Oxygen Saturation


The lungs once affected by Black fungus and lead to blockages, even strokes, and brain damage.  This is because the very supply of oxygen in your body is harmed.


5. A CT Scan is an option available but consult


You might be urged to use a CT scan as an option but please stop and consult first. Radiation is big-time harm for the future. Until and unless extremely necessary, don’t go for it.


6. Avoid contact with unsterilized equipment


While in the hospital the oxygen cylinder and other medical equipment can cause the spread. Even though the black fungus is not contagious, the fungus can travel to your body this way.


7. The hospital infections, stay clear


Not that we expect the hospital to be the reason, but you know the vulnerable part. When we discuss the tips to prevent Black fungus, this is something we can’t let go of!


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