What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

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The kidney is a bean-shaped organ it helps to clean our blood they also pass the waste as urine. The kidneys perform many important functions, including maintaining overall fluid balance, regulating and filtering minerals from blood. Currently, we are going to talk about chronic kidney disease and how can we treat this through our lifestyle.


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Define Chronic Kidney Disease?



Chronic kidney disease is also known as chronic kidney failure. It describes the gradual loss of kidney function. Kidneys filter the wastes and excess fluids from the blood, which are then excreted in your urine. When long term kidney disease reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in your body.




What are the Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Diseases?



There are some symptoms if your kidneys are beginning to fail:


1. Itching


2. Muscle cramps


3. Nausea and vomiting


4. Not feeling hungry


5. Swelling in your feet and ankles


6. Too much urine (pee) or not enough urine


7. Trouble catching your breath


8. Trouble in sleeping



If the kidneys stop working suddenly (acute kidney failure), you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:



1. Abdominal (belly) pain


2. Back pain


3. Diarrhea


4. Fever


5. Nosebleeds


6. Rash


7. Vomiting




What are the Signs that Something is Wrong with Your Kidneys?



The ankles and feet are swollen. Reduced kidney function can lead to sodium retention, causing swelling in your feet and ankles. Swelling in the lower extremities can also be a sign of heart disease, liver disease, and chronic leg vein problems. You have a poor appetite.




What are the Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease?



Anyone can get CKD. Some people are more at risk than others. Some things which increase the risk for CKD include:


1. Diabetes


2. High blood pressure (hypertension)


3. Heart disease


4. Having a family member with kidney disease


5. Being African-American, Hispanic, Native American or Asian


6. Being over 60 years old


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What Foods are Hard on the Kidneys?


1. Avocados


2. Bananas


3. Pickles, Olives, and Relish


4. Apricots


5. Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes


6. Tomatoes


7. Dairy Products


8. Dark-Colored Colas




Can Drink more Water help Kidney Function?



Drinking more water does not slow the decline of kidney function for kidney disease patients. While many claims about the benefits of increased water intake remain untested, a growing body of evidence suggests that increased water intake improves kidney function through the suppression of the antidiuretic hormone.







Here, we have discussed chronic kidney disease and its symptoms, signs, causes and how to treat it. The best and the effective way to cure this disease is to have a healthy diet and plenty of water intake, this will help to cure. If you start feeling any of the above serious symptoms then consult a doctor as earlier as you can.


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